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For definitions of financial terms used throughout the Investor Relations section, please refer to our glossary.


When does GE release its earnings?

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GE does not have official dates as to when exactly earnings are released. As a guideline, the following are the dates when we've released earnings in the last few years.

First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter
4/11/03 7/11/03 10/10/03 1/16/04
4/8/04 7/9/04 10/8/04 1/21/05
4/15/05 7/15/05 10/14/05 1/20/06
4/13/06 7/14/06 10/13/06 1/19/07
4/13/07 7/13/07 10/12/07 1/18/08
4/11/08 7/11/08 10/10/08 1/23/09
4/17/09 7/17/09 10/16/09 1/22/10
4/16/10 7/16/10 10/15/10 1/21/11
4/21/11 7/22/11 10/21/11 1/20/12
4/20/12 7/20/12 10/19/12 1/18/13
4/19/13 7/19/13 10/18/13 1/17/14
4/17/14 7/18/14 10/17/14 1/23/15
4/17/15 7/17/15 10/16/15  


What is the CUSIP Number for GE Common Stock?

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3 6 9 6 0 4 1 0 3

How many stock splits have there been on GE Common Stock?

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Year Ratio Certificate Date/Pay Date
2000 3-for-1 5-May-00
1997 2-for-1 9-May-97
1994 2-for-1 13-May-94
1987 2-for-1 22-May-87
1983 2-for-1 1-Jun-83
1971 2-for-1 7-Jun-71
1954 3-for-1 11-Jun-54
1930 4-for-1 Contact Us
1926 4-for-1 Contact Us


When will GE have its next stock split?

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GE Common Stock last split (3-for-1) in May of the year 2000. There is no hard-and-fast rule governing when we might split our stock. However, the last few times we've split, the stock price was trading over $100 per share when the board made its recommendation to Shareowners that they vote to split the stock.

When was the last time GE increased its quarterly dividend rate?

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GE raised its dividend on December 12, 2014, from $0.22 quarterly to $0.23 quarterly. GE has paid a dividend every quarter since 1899.

See our Dividend Schedule webpage for a recent history of our dividends.

Does GE have a Share Repurchase Program?

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On July 23, 2010 the Board of Directors extended the existing share-repurchase plan, which would have otherwise expired on December 31, 2010, through 2013. Repurchases under the existing $15 billion repurchase plan were suspended on September 25, 2008. The plan currently has approximately $11.6 billion in remaining authorization.

Does GE have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan?

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GE Stock Direct is GE's dividend reinvestment and share purchase plan.

When was GE incorporated & stock first issued?

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GE was incorporated in the state of New York on April 15, 1892.

1,000 shares of $100 par value were sold for $100 per share.

How long has GE been listed/traded on the NYSE?

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GE was traded on the NYSE for the first time on June 23, 1892. There was one trade (vs. millions of trades today) of 50 shares at $108 per share.

Baby Bonds

What are these other trading symbols I've seen on the exchanges: GEA, GED, GEC, GER, GEG, GEJ, GEP, and GEPRA?

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Does GE have preferred stock?

These symbols belong to what we refer to as Baby Bonds (a fixed income debt product) -- senior unsecured obligations of General Electric Capital Corporation. They are called Baby Bonds because of the small par amount of $25.

The symbol "GEP" is for GECC's Step-Up bond. Step-Up Bonds are multi-coupon notes, bearing a coupon that resets to a level higher than the previous coupon if the bond is not called. The bonds are callable and the initial coupon is fixed until the first call date.

These bonds are offered directly to investors through 325 non-affiliated broker dealers. For more information on any of the GE Capital Bonds products, contact your financial advisor.