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What Is a #GEInstaWalk

The #GEInstaWalk is a real-time tour of facilities using some of GE’s most advanced technologies, as seen through the eyes of Instagram's best photographers and most avid fans of GE technology. For this walk, we travel to the Cape Cod Air Force Facility in Massachusetts, located in the heart of Cape Cod Bay.

Watch it all unfold on May 13th by following #GEInstaWalk on Instagram.

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Are you a GE Superfan?

Are you the kind of person that gets excited about 1.5 megawatt wind turbines with 253 rotor diameters? Does the idea of a doubly fed asynchronous generator with a partial power converter system make you curious? Would you be willing and able to climb 260 feet up a wind turbine and click off some photos? If so, you should enter for a chance to join this year’s #GEInstaWalk! Follow us on Instagram and comment by April 21st on why you think #wind #energy is awesome.

Meet the Instawalkers

Benjamin Heath

Benjamin Heath

Benjamin Heath resides in Los Angeles, but remains a Midwesterner at heart. He enjoy early mornings, long runs, and getting a little lost.

Jared Chambers

Jared Chambers

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Jared Chambers is an avid adventurer.

Laura Pritchett

Laura Pritchett

Laura is a professional oil painter whose work in photography drew from her desire to study light and to practice capturing the motion of wind.

Cape Cod Air Force Facility
Cape Cod, MA

The Cape Cod Air Force Facility is located on Flatrock Hill in the Massachusetts Military Reservation. There are four 1.5-77 megawatt General Electric wind turbines on site that power a small hydro facility, which allows the military reserve to run on 100% renewable power – the first and only government facility that can make this claim.