• With Knowledge Comes Profit

    Equipped with the potential of the Industrial Internet, we bring you the insights you need to optimize your oil and gas production and run your operations safely and reliably. 

Room For Improvement

Today, the Oil & Gas industry is facing volatile oil prices, workforce turnover, operational silos, and concerns around safety. Industry research shows that the average production efficiency has dropped in the past decade, so optimizing operations is key in overcoming these challenges. Our asset performance management and operations optimization software helps you address industry challenges and maximize the performance and value of your assets throughout their lifecycle.

  • $1 Million / Day

    The average downtime in the industry is 1 to 3 days per year. To help you avoid the loss, our preventive software monitors your equipment and predicts any failure before actually happening. 

  • Current Machine Performance: Only 82%

    The typical target for machine performance is 95%, and that is hardly achieved. Since physical inspection of equipment in remote locations is expensive and not always feasible due to harsh working conditions, we offer you advanced convenient solutions to ward off catastrophic failures.

  • Ranging between mid-70% to high-90%,

    Across the industry, reliability can range between mid-70% to high-90%, leaving room for dramatic productivity and efficiency gains. Our software provides you with real-time and accurate data, so you gain insights into your equipment performance to reach improved equipment reliability, less downtime, optimized productivity, and increased safety. 

    Your People, Your Technology, Connected.

    Our brilliant machines bridge the gaps between your equipment and employees to ensure a safe and efficient workflow. 

    Production Growth: Add 19,400 Barrels

    Our specialized solution for the industry can analyze your equipment and sensors with real-time data, so you can prioritize deployment towards top producing wells if communication goes down. By optimizing every condition of production, you can increase your production by 10% annually. 

    Asset Savings: $2.6 Million / Year

    Our smart analytics continuously monitor your equipment, whether it be pressure control, temperature, flow rates, and any other critical production aspects. Our software provides you with the control you need to avoid maintenance costs. 

    GE's industrial Internet software platform, extensive pipeline equipment, and inspection capabilities combined with Accenture's strong industry knowledge, digital capabilities, and experience with business process and systems integration, made them the clear choice for CPG.

    Shawn Patterson, President, Operations and Project Delivery, Columbia Pipeline Group

    GE Speaks Oil & Gas

    Are you ready to avoid downtime and maximize productivity and profitability? GE’s solutions take the guesswork out of fine-tuning your wellhead oper...

    GE Speaks Oil & Gas

    Are you ready to avoid downtime and maximize productivity and profitability? GE’s solutions take the guesswork out of fine-tuning your wellhead operations.

    No More Guess Work

    We work with Oil & Gas companies all over the world to help them achieve operational flexibility and efficiency. Our proven technology and solutions help you take the uncertainty out of fine-tuning your operations with clarity, consistency, and control.

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