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GE Volunteers, a global organization of GE employees and retirees, is committed to improving our communities, our company. GE employees volunteer over 1 million hours of community service every year globally. The Hungarian chapter, set up in 1996, where almost 5 000 GE volunteers devoted nearly 13 500 hours to more than 120 projects in 2014.

Innovative education projects

GE also invests in the future of Hungary through its innovative corporate philanthropy projects.

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GE Hungary FACT SHEET - Appendix

GE Businesses in Hungary

GE Global Operations Center, Budapest was inaugurated in February 2014, which is an integral part of GE’s global strategy driving service innovation and simplification in its operations. It will provide integrated shared services to GE businesses across Europe and beyond. The centralization of operations will make it possible to manage work for multiple countries with specialized teams addressing local language, regulations and logistics requirements from one location.

Industrial GE businesses are all part of GE Hungary Ltd. and its affiliates employing 10,500, of which 9,500 are working in the industrial businesses and additional 1,000 employees in GE’s Global Operations Center, Budapest.

GE Aviation, Power & Water, Oil & Gas operates 6 factories, while Lighting operates additional 6 factories in 5 cities. The country is the location of 3 regional headquarters and 3 technology centers. One of them is GE Lighting EMEA HQ co-located with the business’ global technology center in Budapest.

The GE Lighting Experience Center based in the business' EMEA headquarters' in Budapest showcases the business’ solutions to demonstrate GE Lighting capabilities in providing cutting edge technologies, including LED. In 2012, GE Lighting opened its European LED Center of Excellence in Nagykanizsa. The Hungarian center supplies LED solutions to markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The second technology center is the Tatabánya facility of GE Water & Process Technologies incorporating the European Research Center for water filtration membrane development, home of innovation of the highest performance waste water filtration membranes. The site also unites the various interconnected teams of project sales and realization.

With the focus on treating and reusing water, GE creates water systems for future generations at its Power & Water plant in Oroszlány. Globally, this cutting edge technology purifies wastewater into high quality industrial feedwater or even potable water. The Oroszlány plant is the world’s most significant ultrafiltration manufacturing site in the industry. From Singapore to Veresegyház, more than 1,500 sites use this technology, Paris with Stockholm are the next large european cities engaged with our products

GE Power & Water’s innovative power solutions developed and manufactured in Veresegyház, Hungary, give businesses and communities the ability to generate reliable, fast and efficient power using a variety of fuels anywhere, whether on or off the grid.

GE Oil & Gas improves reliability, safety and efficiency through designing and manufacturing intelligent systems and equipment for the oil and gas industry. The GE Oil & Gas Fót manufacturing plant has been substantially enlarged with the addition of a new 8,000 square meter manufacturing facility and a new office building of 3,000 square meters in spring 2014.

In 1998, GE Aviation introduced a new competency to Hungary with an aircraft engine spare part repair greenfield facility. The GE Aviation plant in Veresegyház is the sole component level repair site supporting all GE engine overhaul shops in Europe.

GE Energy Management empowers smarter operations by connecting equipments, software and services to protect, control and optimize assets and electrical distribution. At our plant, over a 100.000 pieces of circuit breakers and residual-current devices are manufactured daily, which are widely used in Hungarian households and at industrial environments alike

GE Healthcare in Hungary has become a global competence center for medical image processing. Today one out of every four patients in the world is diagnosed with radiology software developed by the Hungarian GE Healthcare team.

Since 2013, GE Healthcare’s Hungarian center has doubled capacity (with partial financial support from the government) and in 2014 s GE’s first Industrial Internet software center of excellence of Healthcare in Europe had been established, that is one that will revolutionize healthcare’s big data management offered to global markets. The center of excellence’s hungarian partners in the development project are two universities and the National Institute of Oncology.

Recent Awards

2015     GE Hungary – „Genius Loci” awards for GE Foundation Opening Doors
             talent development program
2014     GE Global Operations – “Company of the year for Regional
             Shared Services Centers”
             GE Hungary “Most family-friendly workplace” for 2014.
             GE Hungary Power & Water, Veresegyház “Disability Friendly
             Workplace Award”
2012     GE Hungary Kft. – CSR Best Practice 2011 – in the category of
             Exemplary CSR Practice GE Power & Water - HealthAhead
             Certification GE Power & Water – Quality Star Award GE Power &
             Water – Ecomagination Nation Certification
  • GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders University Scholarship Program has been run in Hungary since 2003, managed by the Institute of International Education. The program has become a regional best practice, as it was launched in Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania, enabling students from the four countries to establish a regional network of young intellectuals during the annual summer seminars. The investment reached $2,7 million (HUF 756 million on today’s exchange rate) by 2014 the number of participants hit 514.
  • The innovative GE Foundation Opening Doors Secondary School Talent Development Program is designed for secondary school students from the emerging northeastern region of Hungary to provide a pipeline of internationally competitive, highly skilled employees who will be able to contribute to addressing the special challenges faced by the underprivileged region. To date, more than 675 students and 70 teachers took part in the program. GE is the biggest investor and employer in three cities in Northeastern Hungary (Ózd, Kisvárda and Hajdúböszörmény). To date, GE leaders have donated 4,200 hours of volunteer work to make the project a success. Additionally, over the past 12 years, GE Foundation, the company’s philanthropic organization has donated nearly $1,825 million (HUF 500 million on today’s exchange rate) to support the program.
GE in Hungary/CEE - Facts
BudapestLightingEurope, Middle East and Africa
BudaörsHealthcareCentral Europe
OroszlányPower & WaterGlobal Centre of Excellence: Development and manufacturing of ZeeWeed membranes
Technology centers
TatabányaPower & Water
BudapestLightingLight source manufacturing
LightingLight source machinery manufacturing
BudaörsHealthcareMammography and vascular sub-systems
FótOil & GasMultifunctional center
HajdúböszörményLightingLight source component manufacturing
KisvárdaLightingLight source manufacturing
NagykanizsaLightingLight source manufacturing
OroszlányPower & WaterUltrafiltration membrane manufacturing
OzdEnergy ManagementPower protection component manufacturing
VeresegyházAviationAircraft engines parts repair
Power & WaterGas turbine component manufacturing/assembly
ZalaegerszegLightingLight source component manufacturing
Employees16,500 industrial9,500 industrial
24,000 in total10,500 in total
Manufacturing plants2112 (in 10 cities)
R&D Centers53
Regional Headquarters53
Global Operations Center 11

GE Locations in Hungary

About GE

GE imagines things others don’t, builds things others can’t and delivers outcomes that make the world work better. GE brings together the physical and digital worlds in ways no other company can. In its labs and factories and on the ground with customers, GE is inventing the next industrial era to move, power, build and cure the world. For more information visit the company’s website at

GE Brief History

The company traces its beginnings to Thomas A. Edison, who established Edison Electric Light Company in 1878. In 1892, a merger of Edison General Electric Company and Thomson-Houston Electric Company created General Electric Company. GE is the only company listed in the Dow Jones Industrial Index today that was also included in the original index in 1896.

GE as an investor, citizen

Today Central Eastern Europe (CEE), Hungary is part of, is an emerging growth market for GE, one where industrial sales can grow multiple GDP. For GE it is also a major innovation, technology, engineering know-how and manufacturing location for global markets.

GE launched the first regional corporate blog in the CEE region. The GE for CEE Blog is a community-building digital platform that helps the region to create ties between different professionals, sharing best practices to generate ideas how CEE nations can work and grow together. The blog was awarded with a Certificate of Excellence at the Sabre in 2013, an award recognizing excellence in European campaigns with a high level of strategic planning, creativity and business results in PR.

GE and Hungary in partnership

GE the world’s most competitive infrastructure company celebrated its 25th anniversary in Hungary in 2014. The country and GE have created a partnership that - has helped to reshape Hungary’s industrial and economic landscape, which has also impacted on the wider CEE region. GE has been operating in Hungary since the end of 1989, when as part of its globalization efforts it made a strategic investment in Hungarian lamp manufacturer Tungsram, acquiring its 50% + 1 shares. The majority of the packet (49.65%) was bought from foreign banks that owned Tungsram at that time. Building on its positive experiences GE continued to invest in its operations in Hungary, and today all of its businesses are active in the country.

GE’s 21st century energy, transportation, healthcare, water and security solutions can help Hungary to increase its competitiveness through investments in infrastructure projects. The key to this success is GE's culture of partnership with our associates, with local communities, with the business and scientific community and with the government.

At the end of 2012 GE signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Hungarian Government.

GE Leadership in Hungary

GE Hungary CEO Joerg Bauer since 2013

GE businesses in Hungary

Aviation, Power & Water, Oil & Gas, Lighting, Healthcare, Energy Management,

Currently GE is the largest U.S. investor and employer (10 500) and the 3rd biggest exporter in Hungary according to “Figyelő Top 200” 2013 edition. GE’s local sourcing in Hungary has doubled the value of locally purchased products and services to around 900 million dollar/year between 2011–2014. GE industrial affiliates* in Hungary generated 1,507 billion forint revenue in 2014.

*GE industrial affiliates in Hungary include:

GE Hungary Ltd., GE Hungary Infrastructure Hungary Holding Ltd., GE Infrastructure CEE Holding Ltd., GE Energy Parts International.Ltd., GE Capital Funding Services BV., Zenon Ltd.