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Transcript: Feature — GE Aviation in Shanghai

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  2. Montage of shots: Planes flying over buildings in Shanghai, China. Skyline shot of the Pudong area of Shanghai at sunrise. Pedestrian traffic in downtown Shanghai. Medium close shot: Mike Wilking. Title on bottom of screen reads: “Mike Wilking, President, GE Aviation, China” Indoors at the manufacturing facility hangar of Commercial Aviation Corporation of China. Shots of a completed ARJ21 regional jet and workers in the facility. Timelapse shot of people building an ARJ21 plane. Montage of medium close shots: People working on engines, inspecting underneath the wing of the plane, a group of GE employees standing in front of an exposed CF34-10A engine. Close up shots of an exposed CF34-10A engine and the fan blades of an installed engine.

    Mike Wilking (voiceover):
    The biggest challenge that China faces relative to the aviation market is the fact that it’s expanding so rapidly.
    Over the next 20 years, a billion people in China, domestically, will get on an airplane for the very first time in their life, so that is just a huge market.
    The ARJ21 is a regional jet. It’s going to be anywhere from about 75 seats to the larger variant will be about 110 seats.
    We have 200-plus people that have touched this program since 2003, some of which are back in our headquarters in Cincinnati, as well as 50 or so people here on site in Shanghai.
  3. Medium close shot: Xiangli Chen. Title on bottom of screen reads: “Xiangli Chen, General Manager, China Technology Center, GE” Shot of an exposed CF34-10A engine being pushed by people to an ARJ21 aircraft that is in production.

    Xiangli Chen (voiceover):
    GE is the sole supplier for all the engines in the ARJ21. As you can imagine, there is a lot of mechanical and electrical design that needs to be done, and the aviation engineering team has been working really hard with our partners to basically integrate the engine into the airframe.
  4. Medium close shot: Ruijun Tong. Title on bottom of screen reads: “Ruijun Tong, ARJ21/CF34-10A On-Site Program Manager, Small Commercial Engine Operation, GE Aviation” Montage of shots of people working together on a plane wing, more people in lab coats inspecting plane parts, a person taking the cover off of a CF34-10A engine from a completed ARJ21 aircraft.

    Ruijun Tong (voiceover in Chinese):
    English subtitle reads: “We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Commercial Aviation Corporation of China.”
    “COMAC is a wonderful partner to have. From the manufacturing stage, to rolling off the production line, to the first test flight last year, it has been a great cooperation.”
  5. Outdoor shots of the ARJ21 aircraft on the day of its first test flight, taking off, in the air, and landing. Medium close shot: Mike Wilking. Outdoor shot of the ARJ21 aircraft landing during its first test flight. Shot of the three pilots in uniform disembarking from the plane. Medium close shot: Jack Yin. Title on bottom of screen reads: “Jack Yin, ARJ21-CF34-10A Senior Program Manager, Global Customer Field Service, GE Aviation” Shot of people shaking hands and celebrating the success of the first test flight.

    Mike Wilking (voiceover):
    The day that that flight happened and that airplane took off, everyone who was associated was just so proud. To be part of something that major in our industry is just terrific.
    Jack Yin (voiceover in Chinese):
    English subtitle reads: “When I saw the plane land, I couldn’t help but shout, ‘Brilliant, brilliant!’ Everyone had the same feeling, that we were all a part of history that day.”
  6. Medium close shot: Roger Seager. Title on bottom of screen reads: “Roger Seager, Vice President and General Manager, GE Commercial Aircraft Programs, China” Montage of shots of COMAC and GE people looking at the camera and a completed ARJ21 jet. Montage of shots of Shanghai streets and pedestrial traffic, including the Pearl TV Tower. Shot of a plane flying overhead with a Chinese sign in the foreground. Fade to Black.

    Roger Seager (voiceover):
    China’s national priority is to grow their commercial aviation industry. The ARJ is just the first step in that process.
    My hopes for the team is that 5 to 10 years from now, COMAC is a major world player in commercial aviation. And whether you get on a plane in the U.S. or in Europe or in Asia, it could have been produced in Toulouse, in Seattle, or it could have been produced in Shanghai. And I have every confidence they’ll succeed.
    Music Out.