GE is passionate about promoting innovation in economies around the globe, that's why we launched the GE Innovation Barometer. This first-of-its-kind report identifies the expectations and parameters for innovation in the 21st century. GE has released reports for individual countries, regions and one globally to help shed light on the opportunities and roadblocks to innovation.

Innovate or stagnate: Business as usual is not an option for Europe Innovation can underpin Europe’s future growth and competitiveness, but it won't happen in a vacuum. A business as usual approach to driving European Innovation is not an option. Read more.

Industrial Internet

The world is on the threshold of a new era of innovation and change with the rise of the Industrial Internet. It is taking place through the convergence of the global industrial system with the power of advanced computing, analytics, low-cost sensing and new levels of connectivity permitted by the Internet. The deeper meshing of the digital world with the world of machines holds the potential to bring about profound transformation to global industry, and in turn to many aspects of daily life, including the way many of us do our jobs. These innovations promise to bring greater speed and efficiency to industries as diverse as aviation, rail transportation, power generation, oil and gas development, and healthcare delivery. It holds the promise of stronger economic growth, better and more jobs and rising living standards, whether in the US or in China, in a megacity in Africa or in a rural area in Kazakhstan.

Read other examples of how we're working with customers on the Industrial Internet.


Minds + Machines Europe

In June 2013, GE introduced the Industrial Internet to Europe, gathering together, for the first time, thought leaders from across business, technology and academia to convene an important conversation about the power of the Industrial Internet.

Industrial Internet Could Launch Productivity Revolution in Europe

A new report from GE found that the Industrial Internet could add €2.2 trillion ($2.8 trillion) to European GDP by 2030, boost productivity, and spur economic expansion.

The Industrial Internet and our customers

Our customers are already saving money and boosting efficiency using the Industrial Internet.

Innovative technologies form the backbone of the Industrial Internet


At GE, research and development has been the cornerstone of innovation for over a century. Today, GE has approximately 36,000 technicians working across our business and global research centers at the intersection of technology and industry to solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

Global R&D Facilities Global Research – Europe, Munich
Located in Germany on the campus of the Technical University of Munich, Global Research – Europe hosts cutting-edge industrial labs that focus on creating the newest breakthroughs and long-range technologies for all of GE's markets. Read more.

From the factory floor

Behind the scenes at GE's Global Research Centre

More about GE R&D

GE Global Research is the hub of technology development for all of GE's businesses, with 10 global laboratories organized by scientific disciplines.

Meet the Researchers

Learn more about our researchers and technologists around the world.


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      Supply Side Efficiency - Energy at Our Fingertips

      SPAIN: Cinco Dias 06 August 2012

      With the current European economic situation, making more efficient use of resources has become increasingly important in regions across the continent-perhaps more important than ever.

      GE Healthcare to double production at Cork facility

      IRELAND: Sunday Bus Post 05 August 2012

      GE Healthcare is to invest €8 million in its Cork-based manufacturing facility in Carrigtwohill, doubling the site's production capacity and creating up to 50 new jobs.

      Olympic training ground

      POLAND: Dziennik Gazeta Praw 03 August 2012

      Although innovations were always part and parcel of each subsequent Olympic event, it was during the 2008 games in Beijing that the enormous technological revolution began. Their infrastructure basically had to be developed from scratch, and at that point they asked themselves whether they wanted it to be 21st century or should it belong to the former era. - said Leslaw Kuzaj GE CEO for Poland.

      The modules for Europe's biggest onshore wind park come from all over the world

      GERMANY: VDI Nachtrichten 03 August 2012

      Turbine pods from Salzbergen, rotor blades from Brazil among others and tower from China - wind power facility manufacturer GE faces logistical challenges with the construction of Europe's biggest onshore wind park.

      GE block heating and generating plants from Jenbach for the London Olympics

      GERMANY: Wirtschaftsblatt 01 August 2012

      Three block heating and generating plants from GE Jenbach have been installed at the new Olympics energy centres in Stratford City and Kings Yard.

      Hitachi holds on to nuclear energy

      GERMANY: FTD 01 August 2012

      As opposed to its partner GE, Japanese technology group Hitachi believes nuclear energy to be economically promising. New plants planned.

      GE plans to invest about $200 Million in the Sochi Olympics

      Alexander Smotrov, RUSSIA: RIA Novosti 31 July 2012

      The diversified international company GE plans to invest a total of $200 million to the projects within the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, said Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO of GE in an interview with RIA Novosti.

      GE is planning to expand operations in Russia

      Alexander Smotrov, RUSSIA: RIA Novosti 31 July 2012

      The diversified multinational company GE plans to expand its activities in Russia, as an option in the format of joint ventures, said Jeff Immelt Chairman and CEO of GE in an interview with RIA Novosti.

      Public warehouse lending could pick up this year

      HUNGARY: Napi Gazdasag 30 July 2012

      "Due to the droughts afflicting the world's grain-producing areas, a steady rise in crop prices is expected, leading to a rise in demand for public warehouse lending, which has seen a continuous decline in recent years," said László Tömör, an agriculture expert at Budapest Bank.

      "It is time to live up to the needs of Europe"

      Christine Mattauch, GERMANY: Absatzwirtschaft 27 July 2012

      Cornerstone of GE: Ferdinando "Nani" Becalli-Falco has been head of the business in Germany, Europe and North Asia since 2011. Previously, he used to be the CEO of GE International where he established the global team of the group for which the Italian manager has been working for 37 years.

      London 2012 is closing the net on doping

      SPAIN: 25 July 2012

      Every two athletes will have their blood and urine tested in a state-of-the-art laboratory. In London 2012, the health division of the GE, one of the global sponsors of the Olympic Committee, has provided to the laboratory in Harlow with state-of-the-art technology, the ImageQuant LAS4000, a biomolecular image generator which is crucial in anti-doping tests for recombinant human erythropoietin.

      Analysts rate GE's quarterly figures as generally positive

      GERMANY: Finanz Nachrichten 25 July 2012

      Analysts of Independent Research have confirmed their "Hold" rating for GE after the group released its latest figures. In view of the current valuation level, the analysts only expect a moderate upward potential for GE shares.

      The energy transition as a community project

      Bernhard Lohr, GERMANY: Suddeutsche Zeitung 23 July 2012

      At the "Smart Energy" Network Conference in Bad Tölz, GE Germany CEO Stephan Reimelt made clear that he believes there will be GE-produced wind turbines in Oberland soon.

      Real-life comedy - written by, and featuring, GE

      GERMANY: FTD 23 July 2012

      The Citi Research report on GE, titled "Alert: Inline 2Q12 with Reaffirmed Outlook Is a Feel-Good," is an indication for a real-life comedy.

      GE compensates weak European business

      Robert Wright, GERMANY: FTD 23 July 2012

      Conglomerate generates higher revenues in emerging economies. GE can see now that its investment programme pays off.

      GE remains optimistic

      GERMANY: FAZ 21 July 2012

      The US industry, with GE leading the way, gives the world's largest economy reason to hope.

      GE President and CEO is sure about growth

      Ausgaut Næss, NORWAY: Dagens Naeringsliv 19 July 2012

      GE held a meeting of its senior European executives in Stavanger this week and staked out its strategy for future growth.

      "I go to BoD school"

      Silvia Ferraris, ITALY: A - Anna 18 July 2012

      The Law Gulf-Moscow has come into effect. Valore D and GE Capital have selected the top 35 executives who will learn how to work as Board Members.

      Personal Trainer - Tips from the champions on how to keep fit

      Antonio Larizza, ITALY: Nova 15 July 2012

      The list of applications setting out to become virtual personal trainers is ever expanding. GE, in collaboration with Facebook, has launched "HealthyShare", an app containing the training programme and advice of the champion Nba Kevin Durant, who will be taking part in the upcoming London Olympics.

      Revenue of green products grows at twice the rate of traditional products revenues

      Gianluigi Torchiani, ITALY: Il Sole 24 Ore 13 July 2012

      Green economy is no longer an abstract concept, but rather a set of solutions and technologies increasingly capable of reducing the environmental impact of economic activities and generating multi-figure businesses. Confirmation may be sought in the results of the 2011 financial results of ecomagination, GE's project for the development of green products and technologies.

      London 2012: General Electric's commitment for health of the Olympic Athletes

      ITALY: ADNKronos 11 July 2012

      General Electric, Olympics partner, has made a significant commitment to London 2012 Olympian health.

      A financial expert for Bertelsmann

      GERMANY: FAZ 11 July 2012

      The boss of Bertelsmann is hiring a female GE manager as new CFO.

      General Electric Invests in Green Energy

      Georg Weishaupt, GERMANY: Handelsblatt 11 July 2012

      US group expands R&D at its German energy unit - GE invests EUR30m in renewable energy - Reluctant on solar business - Aims to double energy sales revenue in Germany.

      GE doubles down its bet on the Spanish market

      Carlos Gómez, SPAIN: El Pais Negocios 10 July 2012

      "Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless". This quote by Thomas Edison, who founded GE 130 years ago, is part of the philosophy still inspiring this giant conglomerate, which operates in over 100 countries, has manufacturing facilities in 32, employs over 300,000 people and had sales of $147bn in 2011.

      No more unique solutions

      GERMANY: WirtschaftsWoche 10 July 2012

      Siemens and GE take the automotive industry as an example to increase the efficiency of their production. This is the only way to parry the expected attacks of Chinese competitors.

      General Electric: Sandro De Poli's interview with Radio Radicale

      Paolo di Martini, ITALY: Radio Radicale 05 July 2012

      Interview with Sandro De Poli, CEO for GE Italy.

      General Electric Expands Campus

      GERMANY: Suddeutsche Zeitung 04 July 2012

      GE's European Research Centre of General Electric is expanding its location on the research campus in Garching.

      The stars' hospital - Here will the Olympics' athletes receive treatment

      Ingvill Dybfest Dahl, NORWAY: VG 04 July 2012

      200 patients a day are expected at the athletes' policlinic in the Olympic village during the Olympic games in London. After the Olympics the British public health system, NHS, take over the clinic and operate it as a public clinic for the people of Stratford. Several of the machines on loan from the sponsor GE will be transported elsewhere.

      The Olympic Sponsors arrived in London

      Auli Valpola, FINLAND: Kauppalehti 03 July 2012

      "We are very proud of our contribution to the 2012 London clinic, as we provide it with healthcare equipment. We can support 16 000 Olympic athletes and officials and 6 200 Paralympic athletes, who come from all over the world," says Colin Hughes, CEO of GE Healthcare, Britain.


      Christine Murris, FRANCE: Valeurs Actuelles 02 July 2012

      "Yes, we are confident!" - Clara Gaymard, President of GE France, explains our country's advantages for business.

      Adele's recipe for energy storage

      GERMANY: Energy 2.0 26 June 2012

      Article by Dr Carlos Härtel, GE Global Research Europe - Efficient and secure energy storage on a large-scale level is a huge challenge to future power supplies.

      No market incentive for energy storage facilities yet

      GERMANY: Energy 2.0 26 June 2012

      In an interview with "Energy 2.0": Dr. Peter Moser, head of innovative power plant technology at RWE.

      Seventy professionals for General Electric

      Laura Rota, ITALY: Oggi 25 June 2012

      GE Italia is looking for 70 professionals, including 20 to do on-the-job training, nearly one-half for the Florence office, 15 for Milan and the rest for Massa, Catania and Bari.

      Only Germany can support the energy transition

      GERMANY: Energate AZ 25 June 2012

      Stephan Reimelt, the CEO of GE Energy in Germany, said that Germany's goals in terms of energy transition have been too ambitious.

      Three questions on the… Credit Crunch

      GERMANY: WirtschaftsWoche 25 June 2012

      Answered by Joachim Secker,53, head of the industrial bank GE Capital Germany.

      Trading suggestion of the week - The Dinosaur Returns

      Petra Maier, GERMANY: Euro am Sonntag 25 June 2012

      General Electric: The US conglomerate has finally turned around its financial services unit GE Capital, creating opportunities for investors in stock options.

      GE Healthcare appoints new CEO and President of its German business

      GERMANY: Das Krankenhaus 25 June 2012

      Volker Wetekam (42) is set to become the new CEO of GE's German healthcare business. The manager with an MSc in software engineering and a PhD in economics will assume office as of July 1, 2012.

      "Only Germany can support the energy transition"

      Holger Paul, GERMANY: Frankfurter AZ 21 June 2012

      Interview: Stephan Reimelt, CEO of GE Energy Germany

      3 Questions for... Clara Gaymard

      Yann Le Galès, FRANCE: Le Figaro 20 June 2012

      Interview with Clara Gaymard, President of GE France, Vice President of GE International.

      Finance arm to slim down

      GERMANY: Focus Money 20 June 2012

      The conglomerate (GE) wants to slim down - slim down remarkably. The balance sheet of GE Capital, the finance arm of US conglomerate GE, shows total assets of EUR573bn.

      Interview - Clara Gaymard opens the World Investment Conference

      FRANCE: Ouest France 20 June 2012

      Politicians have a tendency to announce that France is less open to foreign investment. That is not true.

      London 2012 Report: 39 days to go

      Mattia Bernardo Bagnoli, ITALY: ANSA 18 June 2012

      The General hospital for athletes busy with finishing touches; Super shopping centre already open. The medical equipment is from GE, sponsor and partner of London 2012.

      We want the small- and medium-sized sector

      Björn Finke, GERMANY: Suddeutsche Zeitung 18 June 2012

      GE is a multibillion dollar US group - and now intends to acquire family-run German companies. This takes aim at its major rival, Siemens.

      "The world's largest energy laboratory"

      Andreas Heitker, GERMANY: Boersen-Zeitung 15 June 2012

      Germany is a key market for GE - The company wants to double new orders in the energy sector by the year 2015

      Health is better if it's open

      Francesca Cerati, ITALY: Nova 13 June 2012

      GE promotes open innovation and finances ideas from all around the world, with the final objective of "democratizing" well-being.

      GE Italia invests in a driverless train. Prototype to be made in Florence in two years

      Maurizio Bologni, ITALY: Affari e Finanza 13 June 2012

      The Italian branch of GE not only looks after energy with Nuovo Pignone, but advanced signalling systems, water and finance as well. A commitment of 40 million for the research centre the region lends a hand to encourage the return of technology to the zone and will host tests.

      Cost Reduction or "Magin Skin" Industry

      FRANCE: Les Echos 12 June 2012

      Op-ed by Clara Gaymard (President and CEO of GE France) and Robert Sigal (President of GE Healthcare France) on cost reduction and short term investment.

      Stock of the week - General Electric

      Jens-Uwe Nobst, Sparkasse Leipzig, GERMANY: Leipziger Volkszeit 29 May 2012

      GE is one of the biggest industrial companies in the world. 54 percent of the revenue is generated outside of the US.

      John Rice, GE Vice Chairman: engineers will be in the highest demand

      ROMANIA: Ziarul Financiar 28 May 2012

      "The sectors we are considering for a potential investment in Romania are energy, healthcare and transportation. We are impressed with the quality of the employees and the smooth transition of power from one administration to the next" - said John Rice, GE Vice Chairman, President & CEO, Global Growth & Operations

      Innovation is the key

      FRANCE: Public Senat 25 May 2012

      Interview with Clara Gaymard, President & CEO of GE France.

      When welfare is replaced by Bonuses and Prizes

      Irene Consigliere, ITALY: Corriere della Sera 25 May 2012

      Employees are being placed increasingly at the heart of a number of companies, some of which - e.g. GE - are planning sizeable recruiting programmes for the near future.

      Company's most valuable asset: innovation

      POLAND: 24 May 2012

      "Poland is not a global player and we don't have such drive to innovate as the biggest economies in the world. But such moment will come, before long. Talking today about innovativeness, it sounds a little like an incantation, but soon it will be an issue to face" - explains Leslaw Kuzaj, GE CEO Central Europe.

      HealthAhead Day in GE offices

      RUSSIA: Remedium 22 May 2012

      On May 16 at all GE offices worldwide a "HealthAhead Day" was held. In Russian offices there was also a yoga and fitness class during which a series of exercises were showed that can be used during working hours. There were football and volleyball staff tournaments, as well as a table tennis tournament.

      General Electric: the offshore wind business is a marathon

      GERMANY: DPA 21 May 2012

      The US conglomerate General Electric sees the wind energy industry in Germany as a growth business, despite the current problems with the grid connection of North Sea wind parks.

      The American General Electric, a heavyweight French industry

      Alain Guillemoles, FRANCE: La Croix 21 May 2012

      Throughout its investments in France, the U.S. conglomerate has established itself as a leading player present in the energy, transport and medical imaging sectors.

      Decorative lighting to London after Budapest by GE

      HUNGARY: 21 May 2012

      Attendees of GE's press conference in Budapest were shown a spectacular demonstration of the technology that, after Budapest, now will benefit the citizens of London. GE, a global company that manufactures healthcare equipment and provided decorative lighting for the Chain Bridge in Budapest and the Tower Bridge in London is one of the 11 Worldwide Olympic Partners.

      GE Innovations for the London Olympic Games Made in Hungary

      HUNGARY: 21 May 2012

      Hungarian experts from GE Lighting and GE Healthcare also took part in the development and manufacturing of technologies for the infrastructure projects of the London Olympic Games.

      New online savings bank promises 'real alternative to high-street'

      Rupert Jones, UK: The Guardian 16 May 2012

      GE Capital Direct - backed by GE - launches with easy-access savings rates of 2.65% and 2.35%

      General Electric cares about the welfare of its employees

      Maurizio Carucci, ITALY: Avvenire 16 May 2012

      "In recent years we have implemented various policies aimed at raising awareness on health and lifestyle issues. For example, we have banned smoking throughout the workplace, including car parks." These are the proud words of Sandro De Poli, President and CEO of GE Italy, a multinational active in 150 countries, with a total of some 300,000 employees (GE has been operational in Italy for 90 years, with 7,000 employees across 15 offices).

      Senior executives think Sweden is the best in the world

      Pär Rönnberg, SWEDEN: IVA aktuellt 16 May 2012

      More than nine in ten responding senior executives from Swedish businesses believe Sweden has an excellent, or at least a rather good, reputation for innovation abroad. GE's Innovation Barometer 2012 gathered opinions on innovation in the world's countries. It was presented in late March at a breakfast meeting arranged by IVA and GE.

      GE's innovator community

      Henry Chesbrough, UK: Financial Times 15 May 2012

      In 2005 Jeff Immelt, chief executive of US conglomerate General Electric, announced a stratety called "ecomagination" to double its revenues from environmentally friendly products.

      General Electric - The past and the future

      GERMANY: Finanz & Wirtschaft 12 May 2012

      The last time I commented on GE was on February 2, 2011. Stock exchanges would be facing a comprehensive correction, it was said back then. I recommended placing limited purchase orders at USD15.90 for GE.

      GE Healthcare Introduces New Version of Vscan

      RUSSIA: RIA Oreanda 11 May 2012

      GE Healthcare introduced a new version of its Vscan* pocket-sized visualization tool, developed to deliver imaging capabilities at the point-of-care. Based on feedback from current Vscan users, the new version features extended battery life, a more intuitive user interface, and enhanced reporting capabilities.

      Jaime Elguero, Head of GE Centre of Excellence in Madrid

      SPAIN: Energia Alimarket 09 May 2012

      GE has appointed Jaime Elguero as Director of the Centre of Excellence created by the company at its central headquarters in Madrid in late 2011. The unit is responsible for all activity dedicated to the EPC sector.

      A close look at the share: General Electric is growing in all areas.

      Anette Kiefer, GERMANY: Handelsblatt 08 May 2012

      GE boss Jeff Immelt affirmed the company will advance the development of electronic batteries and said he believes in a great future considering the increasing oil prices.

      GE forms China venture with XD Electric

      UK: Financial Times 08 May 2012

      GE has linked up with Shanghai-listed XD Electric in its latest alliance with a Chinese company intended to strengthen its position in international markets.

      Innovation Award Winners

      CZECH REP: Profit 07 May 2012

      GE announced five innovation award winners as part of the first stage of its $100 million "GE Healthymagination Cancer Challenge." Among winners, there is the concept of safer and stronger breast implants with healing properties that reduce inflammation. This invention is being developed by the team of University of Akron, Ohio led by Dr. Judit Puskas, scientist of Hungarian origin.

      Too much hype over offshore

      Elwine Happ-Frank, GERMANY: WirtschaftsKurier 07 May 2012

      Interview with Stephan Ritter, general manager of GE Renewable Energy Group.

      General Electric will probably continue planned growth course

      GERMANY: Boerse-Gode 04 May 2012

      Landesbank Berlin is still rating GE's share as "Buy" after its presentation of figures in the opening quarter 2012, but raises the target price for the paper from USD21.00 to USD22.00 (yesterday's closing price: USD19.77).

      "We have to pursue numerous technological paths"

      GERMANY: 04 May 2012

      Energy transition. Stephan Reimelt has been CEO of GE Energy Germany since September 2011. He talked to "energiespektrum" about the opportunities and risks of a variety of technologies on the current energy market.

      Lufthansa buys new jumbo jets

      GERMANY: Die Welt 03 May 2012

      With new jumbo jets, Lufthansa is courting customers on the highly competitive transatlantic routes to North America. Thanks to new engines supplied by GE, the new aircraft consume 15 percent less fuel than comparable airplanes and furthermore offer significantly reduced noise levels.

      Breast tumour - General Electric awards 5 research projects

      ITALY: AGI 02 May 2012

      GE is awarding 100 thousand dollars to each of the best research projects in the field of breast cancer diagnosis and cure.

      The longest aircraft in the world also cares about the environment

      Paolo Virtuani, ITALY: 02 May 2012

      In June, the 747-8, a 76.3 meter long giant, called the "Queen of the Skies," will be in Lufthansa's service.

      Perceptions of innovation

      POLAND: American Investor 01 May 2012

      Hugh Gillanders, Director of Public Affairs at GE Europe, and Antoine Harary, Director for Europe at Strategy One, a business consultancy, presented the main findings of the GE Global Innovation Barometer Report at a meeting of the AmCham Innovation Committee in Poland.

      "Leasing and factoring are being sold below value"

      Markus Dentz and Sabine Paulus, GERMANY: Munstersche Zeitung 30 April 2012

      Alternative forms of financing have come under pressure. Joachim Secker, head of GE Capital Germany, talks about the future perspectives of the two financing instruments leasing and factoring

      Health: De Poli (GE), to make standard uniform on safety of devices FDA (USA) criteria more stringent, EU procedure for CE mark could be aligned to them

      ITALY: ADNKronos 30 April 2012

      Inteview with Sandro De Poli, President and CEO of GE Italy.

      Americans focus on family values

      GERMANY: Mittelbayerische Z 30 April 2012

      The US technology company GE Aviation attaches major importance to "family-friendly operating processes." For its efforts, the company received the Margarete Runtinger Award in 2011. Every two years this prize is awarded by the information centre "Women and Profession".

      Energy supply and energy management of the future

      Georg Knoth, SWITZERLAND: Esprit 27 April 2012

      The German energy revolution as a trend barometer - Georg Knoth, CEO GE Switzerland/Austria & CEO Technology Enterprises Germany.

      Girls get an X-ray vision

      GERMANY: Hamburger Abendblat 27 April 2012

      2012 Girls' Day: Female pupils explored General Electric's Ahrensburg site.

      Multinational settles in Rotterdam

      Simon Bruyning, NETHERLANDS: NRC Handelsblad 26 April 2012

      Rotterdam has landed a huge catch: GE, the third largest company in the world, has established its Benelux headquarters within a stone's throw of the Euromast.

      "For a large part, IT is working with people"

      Lucia Scopelliti, ITALY: ADNKronos 25 April 2012

      100,000 dollars to fund research projects that focus on innovative diagnostic tests and treatment. The 5 research projects that will receive GE's $100,000 award will be effective in that sense - they will contribute to making the dream come true.

      International group opts for Rotterdam

      Theo Jongedijk, NETHERLANDS: De Telegraaf 24 April 2012

      Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb opened the Benelux headquarters of the American multinational GE at the Parklaan in Rotterdam. By selecting Rotterdam, the industrial giant has emphasised its ambitions for our country, the city and, in particular, the port - where collaboration is already taking place in a number of areas.

      General Electric - a strong start to the year

      GERMANY: Finanz Nachrichten 24 April 2012

      With over 300,000 employees, the US conglomerate GE is one of the biggest employers in the world.

      General Electric Offers its technologies to the inhabitants of Sakhalin

      RUSSIA: RIA Sakhalin-Kurils 24 April 2012

      On April 24, the Sakhalin government working group headed by the Minister of Regional Investments and External Communications Ekaterina Kotova met representatives of GE.

      "For a large part, IT is working with people"

      GERMANY: Badische Zeitung 24 April 2012

      3 Questions to Tim Steigert, who is to improve cooperation at GE via IT - and speaks at the Computer Science Day.

      GE revs up the engines

      HUNGARY: Napi Gazdasag 23 April 2012

      Earnings from continuing operations rose 1 percent to $3.6 billion. GE's first-quarter earnings topped analysts' estimates, propelled by profit gains at the energy business, a unit of its industrial division. Earnings from continuing operations rose to $3.59 billion in January through March, up 1 percent from a year earlier. Including the effects of certain one-time costs, earnings stand at $3.56 billion, still beating analysts' estimates compiled by Bloomberg.

      Conglomerate's pieces falling back into place

      Ian King, UK: The Times 21 April 2012

      GE said that its property division had returned to profit during the first three months of the year, marking the first time that it had traded in the black since the third quarter of 2008.

      Robert Wagner: Inhomogenity in diagnostic imaging with a high number of outdated radiology equipment in Hungary

      HUNGARY: Vilaggazdasag 20 April 2012

      While Hungary has a sufficient fleet of X-ray and ultrasound equipments, most of them are outdated. Despite of recent investments, the number of advanced imaging solutions is still below the European average. Development and innovation have been caught in the squeeze of sustainable financing requirements - not only in Hungary but in richer countries as well. By Robert Wagner, Zone Sales Manager CEE--Ultrasound and Life Care Solutions at GE Healthcare.

      De Poli says, More time for renwable energy

      Luisa Leone, ITALY: Milano Finanza 19 April 2012

      The President of GE Italy asks for a delay in the implementation of new laws. De Poli believes that a postponement is a must, at least with regards to bioenergy and biogas. Otherwise this market will be blocked too. And sudden changes to the laws puts investors off.

      Attack of the Americans

      GERMANY: Suddeutsche Zeitung 19 April 2012

      Television spots, large-format adverts and placards - GE is investing quite a lot in image advertising in Germany.

      General Electric intends to defend profit margins in the lighting market

      Stefan Bauer, dpa-AFX, GERMANY: Focus 19 April 2012

      "It is our goal to be an industry leader with regard to growth and profitability," the head of the LED lighting business, Jaime Irick, told the news agency dpa-AFX at the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt.

      'The NHS could miss the next care revolution'

      UK: Health Services Journal 19 April 2012

      HSJ interviews GE Healthcare president John Dineen.

      Why global Olympic sponsorship is a sustainable investment for GE

      Marc Sidwell, UK: City AM 18 April 2012

      GE has renewed its Olympic partnership: Mark Elborne, President and Chief Executive for GE UK and Ireland, talks to Marc Sidwell.

      Leasing and factoring are sold below their value

      Markus Dentz and Sabine Paulus, GERMANY: Frankfurter AZ 18 April 2012

      Joachim Secker, CEO of GE Capital Germany, talks about the future prospects of the two financing instruments.

      Under control of sensors

      Benjamin Reuter, GERMANY: Handelsblatt 17 April 2012

      Tony Gale, head of GE's infrastructure division, talks about smart grids, economical local traffic, and the question why mankind is the biggest hurdle for economy in the use of energy.

      "What will be the Industry of the Future?"

      Vincent Champain, FRANCE: Les Echos 16 April 2012

      Opinion piece of Vincent Champain, GE's Director of Government Affairs & Policy for France.

      Be LED into the future of lighting

      UK: The Guardian 14 April 2012

      Another ideal LED option for the home is the new GE Lighting Energy Smart LED GLS, which offers a true like-for-like replacement for a 40W incandescent bulb.

      Selecting Eco Projects for Venture Capital

      Sandro De Poli, GE, ITALY: Formiche 13 April 2012

      Op-ed by Sandro De Poli, President and CEO of GE Italy - Finding ideas for clean technologies and supporting them with a 5 million dollar fund for transforming them into successful enterprises: this is the joint venture GE has launched in Europe with the British non-profit organisation Carbon Trust.

      Selecting Eco Projects for Venture Capital

      Sandro De Poli, GE, ITALY: Formiche 13 April 2012

      Op-ed by Sandro De Poli, President and CEO of GE Italy - Finding ideas for clean technologies and supporting them with a 5 million dollar fund for transforming them into successful enterprises: this is the joint venture GE has launched in Europe with the British non-profit organisation Carbon Trust.

      GE: Offshore factory on ice?

      GERMANY: Neue Energie 12 April 2012

      In 2010, GE had announced plans to build a factory for offshore wind turbines in Great Britain.

      GE focusing on lighting business in Germany

      GERMANY: FAZ 12 April 2012

      US company launches sales offensive with extended product range in Osram's domestic market. GE intends to launch another sales offensive in Europe, this time in the lighting business.

      "My priority at General Electric is to transmit a better image of Spain"

      G. Escribano, SPAIN: Expansion 11 April 2012

      Interview with Daniel Carreno, President of GE. The President of the US group for Spain and Portugal reviews the economic situation and highlights serious problems for industrial activity, such as the energy mode.

      "My priority at General Electric is to transmit a better image of Spain"

      G. Escribano, SPAIN: Expansion 11 April 2012

      Interview with Daniel Carreno, President of GE. The President of the US group for Spain and Portugal reviews the economic situation and highlights serious problems for industrial activity, such as the energy mode.

      GE strengthens medical division by acquiring a specialist in genetics

      GERMANY: 10 April 2012

      GE strengthens its medical division GE Healthcare by acquiring Seqwright, a specialist in genetic diagnostics.

      Cash for Unpaid Invoices

      GERMANY: FTD 04 April 2012

      Revenues from factoring are on the rise. Equity requirements are driving prices. "Factoring fees currently fall within a range of 0.15 and 1.5% of revenue", says Joachim Secker, CEO of GE Capital Deutschland, one of the largest factoring services providers.

      Software applications to help cure tumor disorders

      HUNGARY: Vilaggazdasag 04 April 2012

      A software application to be developed based on the results of a joint research by GE Healthcare and the University of Szeged will help simplify the way in which liver tumors are diagnosed and the relevant therapy is planned and monitored using advanced medical imaging technology.

      Interview with Clara Gaymard, President of GE France

      Fabrice Luncy, FRANCE: BFM 03 April 2012

      Clara Gaymard, President of GE France on BFM Business radio discusses France's competitiveness. France has great assets in terms of attractiveness and innovation but has been limited due to the administrative barriers it has set up.

      Innovation is the engine of economic growth

      HUNGARY: Budapest Business J 20 March 2012

      Competitive taxation, efficient tender application system, innovative SMEs and the education supporting R&D: these are the main recommendations AmCham announced in its tenth position brief. "Legal and regulatory conditions concerning R&D have an important effect on competitiveness and on sustainable economic growth," - said Lajos Reich, GM Technology of GE Healthcare and head of AmCham Innovation Group. "By realizing our proposals, Hungary's R&D spending could be doubled."

      Moody's downgrades GE credit rating

      Tom Braithwaite and Nicole Bullock, UK: Financial Times 04 April 2012

      GE suffered a credit rating downgrade from Moody's on Tuesday, with the agency warning that the industrial group's large finance unit remained over-reliant on short-term funding.

      Cardiff University and GE Healthcare sign agreement

      UK: The Western Mail 04 April 2012

      Cardiff University and GE Healthcare have signed a memorandum of understanding. The agreement will see them collaborate on science research and development projects.

      US groups like Germany

      GERMANY: Handelsblatt 03 April 2012

      The location is considered a haven of stability. The US companies operating in Germany reached more revenue and created more new jobs than in 2010.

      GE takes $1bn risk in bringing jobs home

      Ed Crooks, UK: Financial Times 02 April 2012

      Jeff Immelt, GE's chief executive, says the decision to put $1bn into the group's domestic appliances business is "as risky an investment as we have ever made".

      New membrane bioreactor reduces energy expenses in hydropower plant

      GERMANY: VDI Nachtrichten 30 March 2012

      Environment engineering: membrane technology for the treatment of wastewater has long been known for being highly efficient but relatively expensive. GE Water & Process Technologies has presented the new generation of this technology, which makes the technology really competitive for the first time.

      The Archrivalry

      GERMANY: Focus Money 28 March 2012

      "We are the GE in Germany" - this is the slogan with which US competitor GE has challenged Germany's dominant firm Siemens.

      GE plans billion-dollar investments in power plants in Nigeria

      SWITZERLAND: Neue Zurcher Ze 27 March 2012

      US conglomerate GE is planning some large-scale investments in the energy sector in Nigeria.

      Energy transition gives boost to GE

      GERMANY: Die Rheinpfalz 27 March 2012

      Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate Beck visits manufacturer of combined heat and power plant - 100 employees in Frankenthal.

      A fund in support of green start-ups

      Camilla Mastellari, ITALY: Tekneco 26 March 2012

      GE and CarbonTrust are to allocate $5 million to fund green projects - Interview with Sandro De Poli, President and CEO of GE Italy.

      The need for smart technology

      Elena Sevillano, SPAIN: El Pais 25 March 2012

      The important role of smart grids in energy saving. "If we are moving towards increased energy use and energy is a scarce resource, then we must work on efficiency," - Daniel Carreño, President of GE for Spain and Portugal.

      De Poli (GE): The Country is becoming less rigid

      Umberto Mancini, ITALY: Il Messaggero 23 March 2012

      We are heading in the right direction, it is now time to focus on growth.

      GE Healthcare at the forefront of medical imaging

      Gaëlle Fleitour, FRANCE: L'Usine Nouvelle 15 March 2012

      In Buc, in the region of Yvelines, GE Healthcare, a subsidiary of GE devoted to healthcare, is announcing production of a new interventional imaging system for the world market. The fruit of a collaborative partnership worth more than €18 million.

      Repeal the Jackson-Vanik amendment business needs the US to compete

      Maria Tabak, RUSSIA: RIA Novosti 15 March 2012

      American companies should be able to compete, on a level playing field according to the same set of rules, with foreign companies eager to do business in a fast-growing economy and repeal the Jackson-Vanik amendment, - said Ron Pollett, President & CEO, GE in Russia and CIS, Chairman of the Board of AmCham Russia.

      Clean energy investment has declined in Europe

      GERMANY: Energy 2.0 14 March 2012

      GE and Carbon Trust will help accelerate clean tech growth in Europe, after evidence emerged that it is struggling to keep up with other parts of the globe.

      "Italy? What a waste of resources!"

      Laura Cavestri, ITALY: Il Sole 24 Ore 13 March 2012

      Multinationals: we are convinced we should stay, but many of the country's potentials are unexpressed. "We continue to invest," affirmed Sandro De Poli, chairman and managing director of GE Italy, "because we've been here since 1921 and it's a fine industrial sector".

      General Electric Gears Up for Hard Times

      GERMANY: Handelsblatt 12 March 2012

      According to GE CEO Jeff Immelt, an extended phase of economic instability is on the horizon. GE is planning to create a buffer to enable the company to emerge on the other side in good shape.

      German companies invest more than others

      GERMANY: FAZ 11 March 2012

      Study by GE Capital: Expenses for operating resources increased, money for company cars cut.

      General Electric Copies Siemens

      GERMANY: Handelsblatt 08 March 2012

      It was the legendary Jack Welch's mantra: Managers at GE had to rotate through all of the company's segments. Jeff Immelt is now breaking with his predecessor's philosophy.

      GE Healthcare: imminent takeover of Xcellerex

      GERMANY: Finanz Nachrichten 08 March 2012

      GE Healthcare is about to take over Xcellerex Inc. and thus expand its competences in the up-and-coming sector of biopharmaceutical production. Merger with high-growth company creates integrated, comprehensive industry offer, focussed on cost reduction, increase in production and reduction of lead time.

      GE sees MidEast growth outpacing China, Asia

      UAE: Arabian Business 08 March 2012

      GE Co expects its sales growth in resource-rich countries in Latin America and the ME to outpace that in China and Asia, which has been a major focus for the largest US conglomerate.

      GE sees MidEast growth outpacing China, Asia

      UAE: Arabian Business 08 March 2012

      GE Co expects its sales growth in resource-rich countries in Latin America and the ME to outpace that in China and Asia, which has been a major focus for the largest US conglomerate.

      Partnering to Offer a Health Recipe for a Nation with GE Taking Initiative in the Health Awareness Campaign

      HUNGARY: Vilaggazdasag 08 March 2012

      Partnering to Offer a Health Recipe for a Nation with GE Taking Initiative in the Health Awareness Campaign. Ten years ago, when the Health Bridge initiative was launched as Hungary's first health awareness campaign of this magnitude drawing huge media attention, GE was asked by the then US Ambassador to Hungary, Nancy G. Brinker, to design the scheme and the program.

      General Electric strikes deal on Kings Cross Central move

      HKasmira Jefford, UK: City AM 08 March 2012

      US engineering giant GE has signed a deal to occupy a former Olympic landmark building in Argent's huge King's Cross central development scheme this summer.

      Daniel Carreño "Our energy is the fourth most expensive in Europe"

      SPAIN: La Vanguardia 07 March 2012

      Daniel Carreño, President of GE in Spain and Portugal, was critical of the current situation of Spain's energy sector. He believes it is expensive, unprofitable and dependent and says that is why Spain is "the fourth most expensive European country for energy".

      General Electric creates Global Centre of Excellence for major infrastructure projects in Madrid

      SPAIN: El Economista 06 March 2012

      GE has created a global Centre of Excellence for major engineering, procurement and construction projects at its Madrid offices, the company's President for Spain and Portugal, Daniel Carreño, has announced.

      GE attacks

      Elwine Happ-Frank, GERMANY: WirtschaftsKurier 02 March 2012

      Interview with Ferdinando Beccalli-Falco, CEO of GE Germany.

      Germany is a good model for Europe

      Rüdiger Köhn, GERMANY: FAZ 01 March 2012

      Interview: Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO of GE. For more than ten years, Jeff Immelt has managed America's largest industrial group. The 56-year-old manager has done a lot of restructuring. However, he still observes several shortcomings.

      General Electric (GE) plans to make further acquisitions

      GERMANY: Frankfurter AZ 29 February 2012

      GE plans to make further acquisitions this year - Jeff Immelt, Chairman and Chief Executive of the US industrial group, said in an interview.

      Germany's inventors are among the world's best

      Chris Löwer, GERMANY: Handelsblatt 29 February 2012

      The "Handelsblatt" has exclusively obtained this study for which GE surveyed almost 3,000 executives on innovation. German companies are seen as global innovation leaders, right after the first-ranking US companies.

      CO2: ENEL forms an alliance with General Electric and Prysmian with Siemens for English renewable energy

      Luca Pagni, ITALY: La Repubblica 28 February 2012

      Two Italian companies as protagonists in two international industrial alliances: the former electricity monopolist to develop energy efficiency projects, while the former Pirelli Cavi works on a new link between Scotland and England for developing wind power.

      GE and Carbon Trust accelerate European clean tech business growth

      SPAIN: El Economista 28 February 2012

      New 18-month partnership includes a €3.72 million fund.

      GE Money Bank is chasing market share with a new loan type

      Uffe Hansen, DENMARK: Boersen 27 February 2012

      GE Money Bank is currently trying to seize market share with an offer of lower interest rates for consumers.

      GE launches a fund of $5 Million for the green economy

      ITALY: Il Sole 24 Ore 22 February 2012

      There are $5 million ready to lend a hand to whoever has a good idea to be developed in the field of clean energy technologies. "Real" money made available by an investment fund set up by GE and by Carbon Trust to select and help to turn into reality the best European projects capable of growing the economy while respecting the environment.

      CO2 - A fund for young entrepreneurs: GE seeks out clean energy start-ups

      Luca Pagni, ITALY: La Repubblica 20 February 2012

      Working in collaboration with the non-profit organisation Carbon Trust, the American giant has allocated a fund of $5 million to new companies in the low-emissions infrastructure sector.

      GE in £3m green link with Carbon Trust

      Tom Bawden, UK: The Independent 20 February 2012

      GE will invest millions of pounds in fledgling green businesses in a new joint venture with The Carbon Trust.

      Scholarships await

      POLAND:Polska Dziennik Lodzk 20 February 2012

      The GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders program provides financial support and leadership development to talented undergraduate students enrolled in engineering, technology or business management programs in participating countries. The program aims to build the human resources capacity and increase access to post-secondary education in the CEE countries where GE is active.

      Beautiful and inspiring

      GERMANY: Focus 18 February 2012

      Butterflies are not only beautiful to look at, but they have also been the inspiration for an accurate thermal detector. A research team of the GE Global Research Center in New York has inspected the Morpho butterfly.

      Rome, The costs of the olympic dream and the enigma of the structures which "remain"

      Mauro Favale, ITALY: La Repubblica (Rome edition) 07 February 2012

      A study by General Electric, one of the potential sponsors: what to build and with what criteria.

      Environment management

      Jaime Cevallos, SPAIN: RIMA 03 February 2012

      The Olympic Games highlight sustainability challenges and opportunities for cities.

      GE Says European Crisis has no impact on Germany investments

      Philipp Grontzki, GERMANY: Wall Street Journal 02 February 2012

      GE sees no impact from the European debt crisis on its planned expansion in Germany - Ferdinando Beccalli-Falco, chief executive for Europe and North Asia.

      GE restructuring rescheduled

      HUNGARY: Zalai Hirlap 01 February 2012

      "LEDs are the technology of the future. These lamps feature very low energy consumption and extremely high operating life, up to 25 years" explains Kinga Kalocsai, PR & Communications Leader, EMEA GE Lighting.

      A study revealing a French exception in innovation

      Aurélie Barbaux, FRANCE: L'Usine Nouvelle 01 February 2012

      A global survey published by GE shows that French CEOs have a Franco-French perception on the purpose of innovation.

      Pignone, Carrara is worth the gamble

      Maurizio Bologni, ITALY: La Repubblica 01 February 2012

      GE bets on the third regional centre: 350 jobs saved, exports of 400 million.

      Recession paralyses business innovation

      SPAIN: Expansion 01 February 2012

      Nine out of ten executives say the economic crisis is having a negative impact on the conditions that promote innovation. European companies are suffering the most, according to the GE Global Innovation Barometer.

      2012 OLYMPICS: At the starting blocks for a sustainable future

      ITALY: 01 February 2012

      With the Olympic Games soon to be held in London, GE has published a report presenting all dedicated ecological infrastructures and measures: these range from the Handball Arena capable of reducing water consumption by 70% to a hydrogen-powered taxi fleet.

      GE CAPITAL : 140 million euros more for VSEs and SMEs

      FRANCE: Le Journal de l'auto 30 January 2012

      The Equipment Finance division of GE Capital France is increasing its lending capacity for micro, small and medium-sized businesses thanks to the European Investment Fund guarantee.

      "Rome: Emulate London, and you'll win"

      Ernesto Menicucci, ITALY: Corriere della Sera 30 January 2012

      "The Olympics in Rome? We must follow the London model." These are the words of Sandro de Poli, President and CEO of the US giant GE for Italy.

      Insecurity threatens innovation

      GERMANY: Frankfurter AZ 25 January 2012

      Top managers fear declining research activity.

      GE considers energy transition to be an opportunity for growth

      GERMANY: Energate 25 January 2012

      According to GE, the German energy transition could lead to a wave of innovation in the energy industry.

      Le Crible – The Old Lady's Money

      FRANCE: Les Echos 23 January 2012

      General Electric hopes for new dividends from its financial subsidiary.

      General Electric restructures its activities in Europe

      Denis Cosnard, FRANCE: Les Echos 23 January 2012

      The vast American conglomerate posted solid results in 2011, but the crisis in Europe continues to get in the way of growth. To improve its margins and win the approval of Wall Street, the Group is restructuring its European branch.

      The future of pavers lies in luxury and innovation

      POLAND: Puls Biznesu 23 January 2012

      According to the GE Global Innovation Barometer survey, more than 60 percent of executives working in Poland view our competencies in terms of introducing innovation as poor or very poor.

      Germany gets the best out of its innovation optimism

      Eulalia Furriol, SPAIN: La Vanguardia 22 January 2012

      Future business creation is based primarily on SMEs, collaboration, individual talent and the local factor.

      GE earns 14.15 billion dollars in 2011, up 22% year on year

      SPAIN: 20 January 2012

      GE reported today that its full year 2011 net earnings totalled $14.151 billion, up 22% year on year, whilst Q4 earnings dropped by 18%.

      GE Global Innovation Barometer: European Business Innovate, but fear the Crisis

      Angela Lamboglia, ITALY: 20 January 2012

      A look at the level of global innovation and the perception that businesses have on their countries' ability to promote it. To achieve it, GE commissioned StrategyOne consulting firm to conduct a survey in 22 countries and the results were published yesterday.

      Cross-cultural conversations

      Michiyo Nakamoto, UK: Financial Times 12 January 2012

      GE set up a year-long programme for 15 people in Japan identified as having the potential to become global leaders. It also now offers training for its employees in China.

      Transnet orders more GE trains

      SOUTH AFRICA: The Star 11 January 2012

      Transnet yesterday celebrated the signing of a deal to buy 43 diesel-electric locomotives from GE South Africa Technologies.

      GE to purchase 25,000 electric cars by 2015

      RUSSIA: Autobusiness-Weekly 10 January 2012

      GE announced the most influential business transaction involving the purchase of 25,000 electric cars for partners and its own automotive fleet by 2015.

      London 2012 Olympic Games - A commitment to sustainable infrastructure

      SPAIN: IP 03 January 2012

      London is the first city hosting Olympic and Paralympic Games to embed energy efficiency in its planning from the start of the project.

      Experts: the world can save energy due to cogeneration

      POLAND: 01 January 2012

      GE experts believe that global demand for energy will increase in the coming years, and that it will have doubled by 2030. The increased demand will be accompanied by growing energy prices.

      What the future may have in store: are assembly plants all that Hungary can expect?

      HUNGARY: 28 December 2011

      "There are several factors that influence the decision about the site where an R&D operation is set up. The size and the dynamics of the market are important factors. The size of Hungary's market is insignificant, but the Eastern European region as a whole offers significant potential." - explains Lajos Reich Chief Technology Officer at GE Healthcare in Hungary and leader of AmCham's innovation workgroup.

      A Polish manager in the champions league

      POLAND: Agro Serwis 28 December 2011

      "As a global corporation, we adopt the same human-resource procedures and the same leadership creation principles throughout the world. As many as 90% of the top-rank managers in GE are our employees with many years' standing," explains Leslaw Kuzaj, GE CEO for Poland.

      Medical Imaging Diagnosis - What Can We Expect in Future

      Xiao Jingdan, CHINA: Health News 27 December 2011

      At the recent RSNA, GE demonstrated its latest technologies and advancements to allow early diagnosis and treatment, reducing the harm of radiation which gives new hope to all.

      There is much to do for the new head of Finmeccanica

      GERMANY: Boersen-Zeitung 23 December 2011

      Finmeccanica, the partially state-owned Italian conglomerate, has suffered from new cases of corruption, the awkward international business climate and the decreasing competitiveness in specific divisions.

      Italy will recover, GE is ready to invest

      Luca Orlando, ITALY: Il Sole 24 Ore 22 December 2011

      Sandro De Poli, Chairman and CEO of GE in Italy, sees 2012 as a difficult time for all European economies but the "Italy risk" is considered to be manageable and therefore does not represent an obstacle for new industrial commitments.

      Successful inhabitants of Cesena

      Maurizio Cappellini, ITALY: Corriere di Romagna 18 December 2011

      From the Monti secondary school to the head of the third largest company in the world.

      The healthcare system needs restructuring

      A. Simón, SPAIN: Cinco Dias 16 December 2011

      Luis Campo is an industrial engineer who started, in his own words, "in the factories" and worked his way up to become President of GE Healthcare, a GE business that generated revenues of €12.5 billion worldwide last year.

      Where are the Women?

      Clara Gaymard, GE, France: La Tribune 16 December 2011

      Article written by Clara Gaymard, President and CEO, GE France.

      Early breast cancer detection campaign took place in Samara

      RUSSIA: 13 December 2011

      GE Healthcare in partnership with Cancer Prevention Fund, Department of Health of Samara City, and Samara Regional Cancer Detection Center held an early cancer detection campaign.

      GE and Microsoft announced their plans of establishing a JV to facilitate the work with electronic data in healthcare system

      RUSSIA: Ami-Tass 13 December 2011

      Today GE and Microsoft announced their plan of establishing a JV to develop dedicated software allowing to improve the quality of service in health sector.

      General Electric Is the Picture of Patience

      Wirtschaftsblatt, Germany: Wirtschaftsblatt 12 December 2011

      Conservative investors appreciate the old economy, industrial motors that keep their share prices stable even in turbulent times.

      Worthiness with Warren

      WirtschaftsWoche, Germany: WirtschaftsWoche 12 December 2011

      People buying bonds today have two main questions: Does the company have a sufficiently strong financial basis to fork out interest regularly? And can it repay the bond when it is due?

      Interview with Clara Gaymard on France Inter radio

      Brigitte Jeanperrin, France: Inter Radio 10 December 2011

      Interview with Clara Gaymard, President of GE France, on "The 7H-9H Weekend Broadcast" radio programme on Inter Radio.

      General Electric and Microsoft join forces

      Finanza e Mercati, Italy: Finanza e Mercati 09 December 2011

      The start of a new alliance in health-care management.

      A Windows programme for health

      Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany: FAZ 09 December 2011

      GE and Microsoft have entered into cooperation in order to reduce costs in the healthcare system. A multi-billion dollar market beckons the companies. Google has, however, already failed in this area.

      We will freeze investments in Europe

      Alfonso Simón, Spain: Cinco Dias 09 December 2011

      Interview with John Dineen, President and CEO of GE Healthcare - Controlled public spending in Europe means GE is looking to other markets, like Asia and even the US, for the hospital equipment sales that balance its books.

      Europe upside down?

      Le Debat, France: France 24 (nat'l TV) 06 December 2011

      Interview with Clara Gaymard, President of GE France on TV programme "Le Debat" channel France 24.

      Cheap innovation is emerging

      Susana Carrizosa, Spain: El Pais Negocios 04 December 2011

      Multinationals have begun manufacturing low cost products in developing countries.

      Lack of knowledge and financing are the main challenges for smart cities

      Tina Díaz, Spain: Expansion 02 December 2011

      The smart city concept is gaining ground as an emerging sector, but also involves challenges, such as changing the mentality of society and governments' management styles.

      GE capital signed with Sharp a partnership for growth., Italy: 21 October 2011

      The Equipment Financing division at GE Capital EMEA, one of the largest financial institutions in Europe, has signed a trade agreement with Sharp Electronics SpA, in Italy under which dealers and distributors active in business electronics company can offer equipment at attractive terms.

      Putting a spoke in Polish innovators wheels.

      Aleksandra Stanisławska, Poland: Rzeczpospolita 20 October 2011

      Red tape, no fiscal incentives for innovators, and a bad model of education are the main conclusions from the report on innovativeness in Poland. These conclusions follow from the 2011 GE Innovation Barometer report commissioned by GE earlier this year.

      GE Investing in 20-Megawatt Solar Greenhouse Project in Sardinia.

      Ehren Goossens, Italy: Bloomberg News 19 October 2011

      General Electric Co. (GE), the world's biggest maker of power-generating equipment, invested $58 million to build a greenhouse on the Italian island of Sardinia that will use the sun's energy to provide power to the national grid as well as to grow crops.

      European project to reduce emissions calls for increased share of renewable energies in cities electricity grids.

      Europa Press, Spain: Europa Press 18 October 2011

      The second phase of the European project EUCO2 80/50, in which 14 European cities are participating to attempt to drive down greenhouse gas emissions, is now complete. GE is the exclusive industrial partner of this project and supported the second phase by providing financial support within the framework of its environmental initiative ecomagination.

      What size will the London 2012 Olympics ecological footprint be?

      Napi Gazdasag, Hungary: Napi Gazdasag 17 October 2011

      The London Games will be the first summer Olympics where sustainability has been put at the heart of the organization efforts since the very beginning. The Olympic Games will be "powered" by three GE Jenbacher gas engines that will provide power, heating and cooling systems across the Olympic Park site during the events and then for the buildings that will be converted into residential buildings after the Games.

      Now more than ever we need a single market.

      Nani Beccalli-Falco, Belgium : Europe's World 17 October 2011

      Europe is at a critical juncture in its history. While I don't believe for a moment that the European project is in danger of imploding I do believe that the economic crisis has once again put into sharp focus its shortcomings caused in part by the lack of collective political leadership. This is standing in the way of the EU realising its full potential.

      General Electric: a green revolution in the port of Rotterdam.

      Francesco Nicoletti, Italy: ZeroEmission 17 October 2011

      The fight is on to reduce greenhouse gases and the costs of transport in one of the biggest trading hubs in the world, Rotterdam. This is the aim of General Electric's onshore power supply project, which will involve the docks in the Dutch port.

      GE's man for a crisis.

      FDi Magazine, UK: FDi Magazine 17 October 2011

      General Electric Europe and North Asia's CEO tells Michał Kaczmarski about the up side of the current global economic malaise, the best locations for new projects, and which factors matter the most when deciding to invest overseas.

      GE Lighting Opens European Lighting Experience Center in Budapest.

      MTI, Hungary: MTI 13 October 2011

      GE opened its European lighting experience center, a HUF 200 million investment, in Budapest. Minister of national Development Tamás Fellegi said the initiative is a clear step strengthening the company's Hungarian presence.

      "GE fills European GC role with internal promotion.

      Joanne Harris, UK: The Lawyer 13 October 2011

      Infrastructure and finance company GE has promoted Marianna Nitsch to the role of European general counsel for its Global Growth & Operations (GG&O) division.

      GE's bright sparks take the lead.

      Andrew Hill, UK: Financial Times 12 October 2011

      Original thinker: GE's training was founded on the 'Blue Books' of former chairman Ralph CordinerI was told two things about this group," the lecturer announces. "This is GE: one - don't be boring; two - don't make them touch."

      A cyclist at the helm of General Electric.

      Expansion, Spain: Expansion 12 October 2011

      Daniel Carreño is not a sprinter and nor is he one for short distances. As a cyclist, he is what's known as a "climber"; he enjoys long-term challenges with a few "bonus sprints" along the way. Born in León in 1967, Carreño has just climbed to the top spot at General Electric (GE) in Spain and Portugal.

      A 50 Million deal between AB and GE.

      Giornale di Brescia, Italy: Giornale di Brescia 07 October 2011

      Today is a historical day for the historic company AB, a network of 11 companies belonging to an industry group involved in the co-generation and valorisation of renewable energy sources. A strategically important contract with the American company General Electric (worth 50 million dollars) was signed.

      More Investments.

      Antti Mikkonen, Finland: Talouselama 07 October 2011

      Overall US companies invest very little in Finland. GE Healthcare Finland, however, forms an exception. Managing Director Siv Schalin sees no risk of the global player moving the business away from Finland, as the Finnish subsidiary has highly skilled staff , close co-operation with university hospitals and, surprisingly, efficient production.

      Hospitals Save $2.3m a Year with CHP Plants.

      Environmental Leader, UK: Environmental Leader 03 October 2011

      GE's London projects also include the installation of Jenbacher gas engines at two natural gas and biomass-fueled energy centers being built in the Olympic Park and Stratford City developments.

      Olympia 2012: It is cheaper to self-generate electricity from gas.

      Peter Odrich, Germany: VDI Nachtrichten 30 September 2011

      About one dozen sponsors will be accompanying the Olympic Summer Games in London in 2012 and General Electric is one of them.

      General Electric expands financing in Germany

      Handelsblatt, Germany: Handelsblatt 29 September 2011

      GE has provided financing to its industrial customers. Chief executive Jeff Immelt has expanded the financing unit after 2001, but the unit has had increasingly less to do with credit lines for GE's own products.

      Walking together to see the world in pink

      Koronczay Lilla, Hungary: Nok Lapja 29 September 2011

      Hungary's Chain Bridge turns pink for the 10th time on the evening of Sunday, October 2nd with thousands of women and men walking through it as part of the fight against breast cancer. "I love to work with people who put the interests of the public ahead of their own interests. And I believe in the honor of volunteering." - says Eszter Szabo, Regional Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Leader, GE CEE.

      A new range of LED lights unveiled by GE Lighting

      Devina Divecha, UK: 25 September 2011

      Simon Fisher, General Manager EMEA - indoor commercial LED luminaires, GE Lighting, was in UAE recently to host a designer council and introduce the new range to relevant people. He said the Middle East region is seen to be very progressive with its attitudes towards lighting, and the new Edge range of products, will be ambient office lighting.

      Europe fails to use its potential

      Gospodarka, Poland: Rzeczpospolita 22 September 2011

      Europe fails to take advantage of the fact that if it created a really integrated market, it would be the largest market in the world. "We would gain economy of scale," says Ferdinando Beccalli-Falco, President and CEO of GE Europe and North Asia.

      GE invests $1 billion in breast cancer R&D

      Napi Gazdasag, Hungary: Napi Gazdasag 22 September 2011

      GE is launching a $100 million open innovation challenge to accelerate breast cancer research and enable more personalized treatment. The global healthymagination challenge is also open to Hungarian researchers and businesses.

      Combined cycle power plant for solar and gas

      Handelsblatt, Germany: Handelsblatt 21 September 2011

      Global research activities have focused on developing more efficient and more environmentally friendly power plants. One of the latest developments is a combined cycle power plant with a capacity of 530 MW which uses a heat recovery steam generator and integrated solar technology in order to produce more steam for power production. The plant thus has an efficiency of 65 percent, about 7 percent higher than traditional combined cycle power plants. The so-called "Flex Efficiency 50" plant has been developed by US company GE Energy.

      Daniel Carreño takes the reins at General Electric

      G. Escribano, Spain: Expansion 21 September 2011

      True to GE tradition, Daniel Carreño (León, 1967) - the man who is to take the baton from Rafael Díaz-Granados as President of the US corporation for Spain and Portugal - comes from within the ranks of the company.

      Technology of the next generation - on the wheels, Hungary: 20 September 2011

      GE Lighting's Hungary based Global Technology Centre sponsored new interactive, on-the-move science exhibition of the Hungarian Science Academy. The Nanobusz (Nanobus) showcases a raw of experiments and interesting technical tricks from the world of nanotechnology, the lead technology of the future.

      General Electric is whirled into the turbine

      Ekaterina Grishkovets, Yegor Popov, Russia: Kommersant 20 September 2011

      GE has agreed upon the terms of the joint venture with Inter RAO and United Engine Corporation.

      De Poli is the new CEO of General Electric Italy

      Arcangelo Rociola, Italy: Milano Finanza 20 September 2011

      Sandro De Poli is the new President and CEO of General Electric for Italy and Israel. A role which will see him responsible for the growth of the General Electric in the area, by identifying new growth opportunities for the multinational in the two countries and reinforcing the relations with Institutions, says the Group in a press release.

      Green Business: Interview with Clara Gaymard

      Nathalie Croise, France: BFM 19 September 2011

      GREEN BUSINESS, the BFM BUSINESS show that's 100% sustainable and a great program this week. GENERAL ELECTRIC invests billions of euros in Green Business and it's profitable. The President of GENERAL ELECTRIC FRANCE, Clara GAYMARD will be with us in just a moment.

      Fund aims to provide boost for fight against breast cancer

      Alexandra Frean, UK: The Times 19 September 2011

      General Electric has joined with some of America's leading venture capitalists to form a $100 million fund to offer financing to enterprises and individuals developing early detection and diagnostic tools and personalised treatments for breast cancer.

      Chairman CEO: Interview with Clara Gaymard

      Olivier De Lagarde, France: France Info 16 September 2011

      France Info(radio), during its show titled "Chairman CEO," interviews CEO of GE France Clara Gaymard about General Electric's presence in France and worldwide.

      GE to invest $1 billion in cancer research

      France24, France: Agence France Presse 15 September 2011

      US industrial conglomerate General Electric said on Thursday that it would invest $1 billion in cancer research over the next five years.

      Electric Mobility: PSA and General Electric join forces

      Marie Mawad, France: Challenges 14 September 2011

      Jean-Marc Gales, Executive VP Sales, Marketing and AfterSales of PSA Peugeot Citroën, and Ferdinando Beccalli-Falco, President of GE Europe and North Asia and CEO of GE Germany, signed a technology and commercial cooperation agreement to collaborate towards establishing reliable business models for Electric Mobility.

      GE Gas Engines Power Biogas Plant in Szarvas, Hungary

      Vilaggazdasag, Hungary: Vilaggazdasag 14 September 2011

      GE Jenbacher J416 gas engines utilize the methane produced in the HUF 4.5 billion biogas plant inaugurated yesterday in Szarvas, Hungary, GE announced.

      Ideas from the crowd

      Katarzyna Jędrzejewska, Poland: Brief 13 September 2011

      "In my opinion the biggest advantage of crowdsourcing is the opportunity to learn about exceptional concepts, fresh and innovative ideas which might change our world for better" - says Lesław Kuzaj, GE CEO for Central Europe.

      Wind and solar power to charge electric vehicles

      Osaca, Spain: Osaca 10 September 2011

      Urban Green Energy and GE Energy Industrial Solutions have developed a charging station powered by a wind turbine combined with solar panels. Pilot installations are to take place in New York, Beijing, and Barcelona this autumn.

      CEO of GE in CE: Silicon Valley will turn into cyberpace

      Jan Zizka, Czech Republic: E15 09 September 2011

      Start-ups in countries like Poland or the Czech Republic have to face a limited access to financing from venture capital funds, but now they have new opportunities. "The access to capital becomes easier thanks to the Internet; it is a completely new concept", says Leslaw Kuzaj, GE CEO for Central Europe.

      General Electric -The American path of the Milanese banking institution

      Daniela Stigliano, Italy: Il Mondo 09 September 2011

      2011 for Paolo Braghieri and GE Capital Interbanca seems; however, to have marked the turn in the American path of the credit institution, which has witnessed so many Italian financial events in the last 50 years.

      Eucalypt trees latest feedstock for aviation biofuels

      Toby Price, Spain: 05 September 2011

      GE has joined Virgin Australia and a consortium of other partners to research and develop commercial biofuel for the aviation industry using eucalypt trees.

      The watchdog

      Markt und Mittelstand, Germany: Markt und Mittelstand 02 September 2011

      Markt und Mittelstand reports about how fleet management can help to rise employee motivation. Aside from reporting about characteristics of the company car that are valued differently by male and female employees, author Michael Dueer outlines GE Capital's "SME Capex Pulse" study.

      Atlantis Shuttle brought GE cardiovascular device to astronauts

      CT24, Czech Republic : Czech Television CT24 01 September 2011

      Alex Sokolovski gives an interview about GE Healthcare's Vivid Q. This cardiovascular device was selected by NASA as part of their research project and was brought to the ISS by the Atlantis shuttle in July 2011.

      Talents of Steel City - Do they have any chance?

      Szegő Iván Miklós, Hungary: 01 September 2011

      The GE Foundation Opening Doors secondary school talent development program involves extracurricular training with talent development sessions and business English lessons held partly in school-time and partly in the free-time of the students.

      Walk across the Chain Bridge to fight against breast cancer on 2nd October, Hungary: MTI September 2011

      This will be the tenth time that a walk across the Chain Bridge lit in pink lights is organized on 2nd October to raise awareness of the importance of breast cancer screening. GE is one of the first partners of the walking and in the same time the company is supporting numerous of projects in order to save lives.

      Ministers open hotlines to industry chiefs in attempt to promote growth

      Andy Bloxham, UK: Daily Telegraph September 2011

      The top 50 firms operating in Britain will be offered telephone numbers that will span the responsibilities of three departments in a move expected to be announced by the Government soon. The final minister is Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint, the Trade and Investment Minister, who generated the idea for the "strategic relations" scheme. He will act as the liaison for General Electric.

      General Electric challenges Siemens

      Handelsblatt, Germany: Handelsblatt September 2011

      The US conglomerate admits errors and now wants to catch up. It focuses on German medium-sized companies. Mr Beccalli-Falco says, "We do not want a price war, we want a technology war".

      Israel aided in efforts to turn waste into clean water, energy

      Ben Edwards : Bloomberg 29 August 2011

      Israel's water industry is attracting funds from GE and ConocoPhillips as the country develops energy-saving technology to treat sewage, part of a $5 bln program to clean up water supplies by 2016.

      Boeing's new 737 gets the go-ahead

      Tracey Boles, UK : Sunday Express 28 August 2011

      The board of US aerospace giant Boeing has fast-tracked its decision for an updated version of the 737 passenger jet which will be fitted with new fuel-efficient engines. The engines, made by GE, are expected to be 10 to 12 per cent more efficient than those on today's 737.

      A very energetic executive

      Ariadna Boada, Spain : La Vanguardia 28 August 2011

      Feature article profiling executive Todd Johnstone, CEO of Industrial Solutions EMEA. The article highlights Johnstone's career with GE and how he came to Barcelona to lead Industrial Solutions in EMEA.

      How Those Handy Apps Can Help Spark a Healthcare Revolution

      SfatulMedicului, Romania : 25 August 2011

      The explosive growth of mobile applications for everything from news to shopping is also improving the way many people manage their health. But what at first glance might seem like niche data - tracking a calorie here and a short jog there - is actually the front line of the digital revolution in healthcare.

      Turning New York into Solar City

      Gazdasagi Radio, Hungary: 23 August 2011

      GE has achieved the highest-ever reported efficiency for CdTe thin film solar panels. While GE is looking to focus on utility-scale solar, panels are also popping up in unexpected places, such as New York City and the "Solar 2" project.

      New Therapies

      Anke Henrich, Jürgen Salz, Germany: WirtschaftsWoche 22 August 2011

      The golden days are over for the industry - health insurances and countries need to save money. Time for new Ideas - GE is one of three companies featured as responding to this need by selling more basic and thus more cost-effective medical technology to developing and industrial nations.

      The age of the electrical car comes closer, GE Energy launches charging stations

      La Repubblica, Italy : 19 August 2011

      GE has started selling the "DuraStation" electric vehicle recharging station and is promoting adoption of these ecological systems in Europe.

      "Give yourself a head start in the world of employment"

      The Western Mail, UK: 18 August 2011

      Stephanie Thomas, a 21-year-old Glamorgan Business School student from Cross Hands, has recently secured a graduate role with GE after completing a placement year with the company.

      Here comes the electric plane

      Sebi, Romania: 15 August 2011

      "Next-generation aircraft will feature more and more electronics," said Dale Carlson, Executive for Advanced Engine Systems at GE Aviation, but "the last thing to convert to electric power will be the power plant...

      “People are in the worse mood than the economy would indicat” - Jeffrey Immelt, GE's Chairman and CEO

      Vedomosti, Russia: Vedomosti 11 August 2011

      The CEO of the world's largest industrial company talks about the future of the global economy, why corporations need to generate changes, and GE's plans in Russia.

      Renewed optimism for French SMEs

      Les Echos, France: Les Echos 05 August 2011

      According to a study of GE Capital Europe, more than half of French SMEs plan to create jobs in the coming twelve months. This article examines GE Capital's Capex Barometer findings in France, analysing the confidence of SMEs by country, region and industry.

      A Pole can do it too. How our countrymen attract investments

      Małgorzata Grzegorczyk, Poland: 02 August 2011

      "Business matters have top priority: the possibility of making an investment, its value, turnaround time and rate of return. Every project is examined individually and very thoroughly, while key decisions are always taken based on business factors." says Lesław Kuzaj, GE CEO for Central Europe.

      GE Capital buys Ct Agricole Commercial Finance UK

      Reuters, UK: Reuters 02 August 2011

      GE Capital has bought Credit Agricole Commercial Finance UK, as part of its strategy to focus more on lending to small British companies, many of which have complained that the top UK banks are not lending enough money. CACF UK provided some £3bn ($4.9 billion) of finance to UK companies in volume terms in 2010.

      Experts will help women with business

      Profit, Czech Republic: Profit 01 August 2011

      The first in a series of Banking on Women workshops will take place in Prague later this month. The project, which is backed by GE Capital EMEA, encourages women in to banking and provides assistance to women seeking to start their own businesses.

      New GE Lighting showroom

      Diseno Interior, Spain: Diseno Interior 01 August 2011

      Located at the company's factory in Getafe, Madrid the new showroom is an open space for professionals where the company provides personalised lighting consultancy and exhaustive information about all the solutions available: architectural, corporate, for hotels and for exterior lighting.

      You have to believe that you can make it

      Denik, Czech Republic: Denik August 2011

      Fair representation of women in leadership is a game man and women have a role in. At home and at work. We would all be better off if we understood each other and collaborated more." - said Eszter Szabó, Regional Leader of Communication and Public Affairs for CEE.

      Throwing some light on the issue of security

      James Parker, UK: Building Products August 2011

      Mike Barrett, Commercial Director UK and Nordic for GE Lighting discusses the current white lighting solutions that can significantly improve safety and security in exterior environments.

      The competition reaches an end

      Longina Grzegórska, Poland: Newsweek 31 July 2011

      BHP and Newsweek announce the winner of their joint "Your Company Award," best business plan contest. The jury panel, which included Bank BPH's Marta Surowiec, nominated Olga Banasik from Kielce, owing to her bold and socially innovative idea of a crèche for sick children. She won PLN 25,000 and a business suit designed by Viola Śpiechowicz.

      GE bonds considered attractive

      Thomas Klee, Germany: Boersen-Zeitung 28 July 2011

      The development of GE in the previous years is quite ambivalent. Strongly affected during the financial crisis, lost the AAA rating which had been considered safe for a long time.

      Repower posts gains in revenue and earnings

      Borsen-Zeitung, Germany: Boersen-Zeitung 28 July 2011

      Germany's third largest wind farm builder Repower recorded a significant increase in revenue and operating results in the first quarter of its current 2011/12 business year.

      Iberia selects GE to power new A330 aircraft

      Cinco Dias, Spain: Cinco Dias 27 July 2011

      Iberia has selected GE CF6-80E1 engines to power its latest order for 16 Airbus A-330s, eight of which are firm orders with up to eight options.

      Commission clears acquisition of Converteam by General Electric

      Europolitics, Belgium : 26 July 2011

      The European Commission cleared, on 25 July, under the EU Merger Regulation the proposed acquisition of sole control of French power conversion company Converteam Group SAS by US conglomerate GE via GE Energy.

      The big banks are right - firms just aren't investing very heavily

      Helen Loveless, UK: Mail on Sunday 24 July 2011

      In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, John Jenkins, CEO of GE Capital UK, explains GE Capital is the banks' biggest rival for lending to businesses. And with small companies still angry over what they claim is the reluctance of the banks to back them since the credit crunch, he senses a huge opportunity.

      Research: Job-Boom in small and medium-sized businesses

      Constanze Winkler, Germany: Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz 21 July 2011

      Joachim Secker, Chief Executive of GE Capital Germany, comments on the company's research on European SMEs which revealed, among other things, that aproximately 972,000 new jobs will be created by German SMEs in the next year.

      Jean-Paul Ebanga: "There is no room aboard the revamped Boeing 737 for Pratt & Whitney"

      Alain Ruello, France: Les Echos 21 July 2011

      Interview with Jean Paul Ebanga, President of CF International, JV between Safran and GE.

      GE device to scan the hearts of astronauts, Hungary: Vilaggazdasag 18 July 2011

      GE's cardiovascular ultrasound system was aboard of the shuttle Atlantis when it blasted off on its final voyage. NASA selected the customized device to help assess the impact of long duration microgravity space flight on astronauts in the International Space Station(ISS).

      Rediscovering America

      Roland Lindner, Germany: Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung 15 July 2011

      The manufacturing industry in America has been on the decline for years. The diversified corporation GE embodied the transition towards becoming a service society.

      General Electric focuses on America once again

      Roland Lindner, Germany: Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung 15 July 2011

      Chairman Jeffrey Immelt is looking to stop jobs from being transferred to low-wage countries. Following years of cutbacks, the workforce in the United States is getting ready to grow again.

      General Electric's eco-commitment is worth $10bn

      Franco Canevesio, Italy: Milano Finanza 14 July 2011

      GE's activism holds forth ecomagination, the project for the development of green products and technologies is turning out to be one of the most profitable business ventures in the history of the group.

      GE Interbanca hunts for allies

      Luca Gualtieri, Italy: Milano Finanza 12 July 2011

      After a reorganization and currently enjoying a positive trend, the company now wants to increase volumes, focusing on leasing and factoring services for SMEs, explains Paul Braghieri, CEO of GE Capital Interbanca, Italy.

      Happy sunbeam

      Metropol, Hungary: Metropol 11 July 2011

      GE has recently announced that it achieved a record 12.8 percent efficiency for its cadmium telluride solar panels. While it is much more efficient than other commercially available solar panels, it is still a low efficiency rate in comparison to the efficiency of gas or nuclear power plants.

      No 1 Bank BPH

      Parkiet, Slovakia: Parkiet 11 July 2011

      Bank BPH economists have won "Parkiet's" ranking of the most accurate macroeconomic forecasts for Q2. The team, headed by Maja Goettig, Chief Economist of Bank BPH, scored 18.79 points, ahead of competitor economist teams, as BGK and BRE Bank came in with 17.97 and 17.44 points respectively.

      Aix en Provence Economic meetings

      Public Senat, France: Public Senat 10 July 2011

      Interview with Clara Gaymard, President of GE France, Ana Palacio, former Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Jean-Hervé Lorenzi, Professor at the University of Paris Dauphine during the Annual economic meetings of Aix-en-Provence, France.

      Sun and a few clouds

      Fernando Garcia, Spain: La Vanguardia 10 July 2011

      The vast majority of local economists and businessmen are seeing clouds in the Brazilian economic horizon, be them cirri, strati or storm clouds. At a conference organised by the Harvard Group in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Joao Geraldo Ferreira, President of GE Brazil, gave a promising outlook for this summer, especially for large companies operating in the country, but one that is not without risks.

      Medium-sized businesses are planning to spend a lot

      Faz, Germany: Faz 09 July 2011

      Medium-sized companies in Germany are optimistic about their economic development prospects for the next 12 months and intend to invest heavily. These are the results of a study conducted by GE Capital on the economic situation of medium-sized businesses in various European countries.

      Every CEO has to destroy the company and build it up again

      Lidove Noviny, Czech Republic: Lidove Noviny 09 July 2011

      Interview with Leslaw Kuzaj - GE Regional Executive for Central Europe, who speaks about GE's successful strategies and philosophy, focusing on the situation in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Leslaw also mentions business and technology trends we can expect in the upcoming years.

      GE Interbanca is on the hunt for alliances

      Luca Gualtieri, Italy: Milano Finanza 07 July 2011

      Since the financial crisis many Italian retail banks have chosen to focus on traditional activities dismissing more challenging sides of the business. This trend might offer an opportunity for institutions that are specialised in advanced segments such as leasing and factoring. This is the case for GE Capital Interbanca, the group that General Electric took over from Santander in 2009.

      The Actor-President

      168 óra, Hungary: 168 óra 07 July 2011

      In 1954, Ronald Reagan was invited to be the host of the General Electric TV series and GE's goodwill ambassador. The GE-show was the highest viewed primetime program, and the number 1 pitchman spent 8 years traveling to nearly 140 GE sites, talking to employees.

      Head of GE paints a picture of a green future

      Maria Ottoson, Sweden: Dagens Industri 06 July 2011

      "I actually believe that things are much better than people want them to be,"- says Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, in a frank interview with Swedish national daily Dagens Industri.

      GE Manager: My heart beats for Munich

      Joachim Hofer, Germany: Handelsblatt 06 July 2011

      "General Electric (GE) is one of the largest supporters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Axel Höpner and Joachim Hofer spoke with Georg Knoth, the person responsible for Central Europe at GE.

      The might of the sponsors

      Axel Höpner, Joachim Hofer, Hans-Peter Siebenhaa, Germany: Handelsblatt 06 July 2011

      The IOC will be deciding today where the Winter Games will be taking place in 2018. Powerful sponsors are pulling the strings in the background. Georg Knoth, responsible for the Central European region on behalf of the IOC partner General Electric, comments.

      Self-service bank branches

      Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Poland: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna 06 July 2011

      Bank BPH is testing a new system which will make bank branches turn into self-service centers. The customer will not be served by employees, being tended to by modern devices instead.

      We don't see any symptoms of the crisis

      Rzeczpospolita, Poland: Rzeczpospolita 04 July 2011

      "We are going to expand our business in Poland. Especially, if the optimistic forecasts regarding shale gas mining become confirmed," says Jeffrey R. Immelt, GE CEO.

      "Clear drive" from GE Capital Rewards eco-drivers

      La Repubblica, Italy: La Repubblica 04 July 2011

      GE Capital decided to launch Clear Drive on the European market, a new service destined to ¬promote company car drivers to adopt an "eco-compatible" style.

      Gas engine manufacturer from Jenbach benefits from the boom in decentralized energy

      Michael Riedler, Austria: Wirtschaftsblatt 04 July 2011

      GE Jenbacher has been able to score a lot of points with its decentralized energy generation plants, for the most part in newly industrialized and emerging industrial nations.

      GE Interbanca hunts for allies

      Luke Walter, Italy: Milano Finanza 02 July 2011

      Paolo Braghieri, CEO of GE Capital Italy, comments on a strong six months and a positive trend moving forward for GE Capital in Italy, as SMEs are increasingly turning to specialized services such as leasing and factoring.

      Energy consumption reduced on the maritime walkway in Castro Urdiales

      Arte y Cemento, Spain: Arte y Cemento 01 July 2011

      GE Lighting, along with the Town Council of Castro Urdiales (Cantabria), has completed an ambitious project to renew the lighting on the town's maritime walkway, improving safety and light quality and allowing energy savings of up to 77% by replacing traditional lamps with LED technology.

      Getting into smart grids

      Kathrin Werner, Germany: FTD 01 July 2011

      "The fact that smart grids are now becoming a reality is attracting many investors and companies interested in making acquisitions,"- says Keith Redfearn, who is responsible for GE's smart grid business in Northern and Eastern Europe.

      Smart Grid - Consumers and Projects

      Energy 2.0, Germany: Energy 2.0 July 2011

      Interview with Keith Redfearn, General Manager for GE Northern Europe, Digital Energy on GE's smart grid projects.

      Different open innovation strokes for different folks

      Innovation-3, Germany: July 2011

      StrategyOne recently conducted an international study for GE to produce the "GE Global Innovation Barometer", a study aimed at better understanding how innovation is changing and how social expectations regarding innovation are shifting.

      Appetite returns for asset-backed borrowing

      The Manufacturer, UK: The Manufacturer July 2011

      In an interview with the Manufacturer's Will Stirling, John Jenkins, CEO of GE Capital UK, explains how asset-based finance has helped GE Capital's manufacturing customers through the recession as the value of core assets held up when finance linked to other, cash-flow or covenant-based terms crashed.

      GE Aviation takes its ecomagination concept to Le Bourget, Spain: July 2011

      GE Aviation has launched, at the Paris Air Show, a series of innovations in the context of its ecomagination philosophy, GE's global business strategy which applies to all its businesses.

      Czechs Like to Treat Themselves to Unplanned Purchases news portal, Czech Republic: July 2011

      Two thirds of Czechs treat themselves to a spontaneous purchase at least once a month, primarily spending on food, clothing or cosmetics. Women make spontaneous purchases to lift their spirits more often than men, according to a GE Capital commissioned survey.

      Sailing home - Budapest Bank's new CEO

      Figyelo, Hungary: Figyelo 30 June 2011

      The Hungarian financial sector welcomed György Zolnai's arrival at Budapest Bank. The sector hopes that this personal attributes will bring a very fair style of bank management culture to Hungary, which could be beneficial to the entire market. In general, appointing a Hungarian expert sends a positive message to the market, pointing towards growth.

      GE Extends Olympic Sponsorship to 2020

      Combined Reports, Russia: The Moscow Times 30 June 2011

      GE and the International Olympic Committee extended their partnership to 2020 at a ceremony in Moscow.

      Putin discussed with the CEO of General Electric cooperation

      Novo Ogaryovo, Russia: RIA Novosti 29 June 2011

      Russian PM Vladimir Putin discussed with the tops of GE's prospects for cooperation with Russian partners, - told the press secretary of government Dmitry Peskov.

      Poll: Clean tech provides hub for corporate innovation

      Will Nichols, UK: BusinessGreen 28 June 2011

      A journalist reports on GE's Innovation Blogger Call yesterday, GE survey finds business leaders associate green products with having the most potential for growth through new ideas.

      GE Aviation presents its ecomagination concept, Spain: 27 June 2011

      The GE unit dedicated to manufacturing engines, components and integrated systems for commercial and military aviation has launched, at the Le Bourget Air Show, a series of innovations in the context of its ecomagination philosophy, GE's global business strategy which applies to all its businesses.

      Mass in memory of President Reagan, Poland: 27 June 2011

      A mass is to be celebrated on the 27th of June in St Mary's Church in Krakow as part of the European celebrations of the birth centennial of US President Ronald Reagan.

      Ecomagination breakthrough, General Electric's Green Business worth 18 billion dollars

      Raffaele Ricciardi, Italy: Milano Finanza 25 June 2011

      GE accelerates its green activity investing nearly 2 billion dollars into research and development of eco-sustainable technologies.

      GE ecomagination Challenge puts $63M into 10 home energy start-ups

      Gail Edmondson, UK: Science Business 23 June 2011

      The investments will increase energy efficiency and spur domestic use of power from renewables. Five further projects will receive $100K grants.

      The Giant of the skies reigns alone no more

      Luigi Grassia, Italy: La Stampa 22 June 2011

      Boeing has introduced the rival of Airbus A-380: "We are proud to present the longest jet in the world.

      Specialist allowed a glimpse behind the scenes

      Rebecca Piron, GERMANY: Kolnische Rundschau 20 june 2011

      For the first time ever, GE opened its gates to all those interested on the "Night of Technology". "Our goal is to present General Electric to the public," said project manager Michael Werth. "We are a company that is experiencing constant growth in Germany and not all people are aware of this right now.

      Hard slog to reach sunlit uplands

      Victor Mallet, SPAIN: Financial Times 17 June 2011

      GE is looking at making a big investment, perhaps in the energy or transport sectors. "We're cautious about Spain in the short term," says Rafael Díaz-Granados, president and chief executive of GE Iberia. "We continue to be very bullish about Spain in the medium and long term.".

      Not only Europe needs smart systems

      Czech Republic: Technický týdeník 14 june 2011

      The multinational corporation GE Energy is one of the leaders in the development and application of advanced energy smart systems. At the end of April, Prague welcomed Dr. Bartosz Wojszczyk, GE Energy's Global Smart Grid Technical Leader, Transmission & Distribution Business in Atlanta.

      General Electric to set up new Israeli R&D center

      Gali Weinreb, ISRAEL: 13 June 2011

      GE will open its a multidisciplinary R&D center in Israel, its eighth R&D center in the country, at an investment of $3-5 million.


      ITALY: Il Sole 24 Ore 10 June 2011

      GE Transportation has opened a new centre of excellence for innovative rail signaling technologies in Sesto Fiorentino, Tuscany.

      GE comes to Doccia with 15 million euro investment

      ITALY:Nuovo Corr di Firenze 10 June 2011

      GE has opened a new global centre of excellence in innovative railway signaling technologies in Tuscany. It will be located in Doccia.

      GE enters the thermodynamic solar power market

      ITALY: Quotidiano Energia 07 June 2011

      GE enters the thermodynamic solar power market. The U.S. giant, through its subsidiary GE Energy, has announced that it is acquiring a strategic stake in eSolar, the Californian company that has developed the innovative concentrated solar power tower technology.

      We guarantee energy savings without sacrificing light quality

      SPAIN: La Voz de Galicia 06 June 2011

      Interview with Juan F. Garcia Santamaria, sales general manager of GE Lighting for Spain and Portugal about the essence of the company and the challenges he faces.

      Italy must prepare for new challenges - Asia has now moved beyond low cost competition

      ITALY: Corriere della Sera 06 June 2011

      Interview with Marco Annunziata, GE's chief economist on Italy's competitiveness.

      The future is going to be better than the past

      ROMANIA: 03 June 2011

      "In the 21st century free markets and capitalism can still be a foundation for competitiveness and job growth. We see signs of growing strength every day, demand for products and loans are growing, the global markets remain strong, deal activity is robust, and corporate borrowers are more optimistic. So the global economy really has been reset." - said Jeffrey Immelt, GE CEO.

      GE aims for the summit

      Dagens Naringsliv, Sweden: Personal&Ledarskap June 2011

      Health work at the Norwegian offices of GE Healthcare has been taken to a whole new level, successfully reducing absence due to illness by 11%.

      GE Capital launches new service to reduce consumption

      Italy: La Republica 31 May 2011

      Riccardo Pierinelli, Sales Manager at GE Capital Fleet in Italy, comments on the pan-European launch of Clear Drive - an innovative eco-driving program to help GE Capital customers to slash CO2 emissions and reduce fuel costs.

      Enforced healthiness in Norway

      SWEDEN: Svenska Dagbladed 30 May 2011

      The Norwegian section of GE Healthcare is doing the company name justice and making tough demands of employees. GE's healthy living campaign has led to an 11% decrease in sickness absence among staff.

      Europe has to be more innovative

      SPAIN: Dinero y Empleo 29 May 2011

      Op-Ed by Rafael Diaz-Granados, President of GE for Spain and Portugal.

      Diary from a nuclear bunker

      Italy: Il Manifesto 29 May 2011

      In just five years, solar power could be more economical than that generated by burning fossil fuels and by nuclear reactors. This has been confirmed by Mark M. Little, the Global Research Director for GE, the third biggest company in the world (according to Forbes).

      Van Gogh's Cypresses Become a Living Painting

      ITALY: La Stampa 27 May 2011

      A "living" version of the famous Van Gogh's masterpiece, "A Wheatfield, with Cypresses", made of more than 8000 plants of differing varieties, has been installed in Trafalgar Square.

      Special Report: Big boys enter solar race

      Belgium: EurActiv 27 May 2011

      Traditionally a market reserved for niche players, the solar sector is now drawing increasing interest from energy behemoths like GE and Total as well as unexpected new investors like Google. Mark Vachon, vice-president of GE Energy's ecomagination programme comments on this evolution of the solar market

      Committing to healthy living

      Marte Iren Kristiansen, SWEDEN: Dagens NÃringsliv 26 May 2011

      Employees at GE Healthcare are committing themselves to the HealthAhead initiative, which has led to an almost 11 % reduction in sickness absence, according to management.

      General Electric Innovates in France

      France: Le Figaro 26 May 2011

      A gas-fired plant supplementing renewable energies will be built in Belfort. Ricardo Cordoba, President of GE Energy for Western Europe and North Africa underlines the importance of the new FlexEfficiency 50 plant.

      New financing agreement: 7.8 million euro for Pfenning Logistics at our Company's personalities, breakthroughs and technology

      Germany: 26 May 2011

      GE Capital in Germany provides one of Germany's leading providers of logistics services, Pfenning Logisitcs, with €7.8 million finance facility to help the company with its plans for expansion. The deal will fund, among other things, 95 new semi-tractors, trailers and more than 70 vehicle refrigeration units.

      Suez Environment: "It is necessary to begin managing the water cycle"

      France: Le Figaro 26 May 2011

      Interview with Jean-Louis Chaussade, CEO of Suez Environment on their projects in smart water networks and their agreement with GE.

      The First Time from GE

      Italy: Il Mondo 20 May 2011

      For the first time in Italy, GE Capital will be issuing retail bonds to the general public. Gianluca Ferretti, Director of Bond Investments at Anima Sgr., comments on why this bond issuance is particularly appealing to the Italian investor.

      GEHC develops prototypes of software applications to help detect cancerous diseases

      HUNGARY: MTV 20 May 2011

      GE Researchers at Szeged developed the prototypes of two software applications that help detect cancerous diseases. The softwares will enable easier, quicker and more precise localization of both the tumor and the capillary vessels feeding the tumor. The computer application designed to support doctors in the delivery of effective patient care can soon be used to detect any type of tumor.

      Eight Young Talents Joined GE Scholarship Program

      Czech Rep: 20 May 2011

      Eight talented university students from the Czech Republic ceremonially joined the regional network of GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders program winners.

      In Prague, the GE Innovation Barometer was awarded the Sabre Award for best Public Affairs programme in EMEA

      UK: Holmes Report 19 May 2011

      Last night in Prague the GE Innovation Barometer was awarded the Sabre Award for best Public Affairs programme in EMEA.

      The 20 billion dollar bonfire

      Italy: Ecostampa 18 May 2011

      Due to a lack of infrastructures, wasted flare gas is equal to 5% of the world's gas production according to the GE study.

      Five Percent of the World's Gas Wasted through Flaring

      Czech Republic:Technik 13 May 2011

      A new report by GE estimates that 5 percent of the world's natural gas production is wasted by burning or "flaring" unused gas each year - an amount equivalent to 30 percent of consumption in the European Union and 23 percent in the U.S.

      When the electricity meter becomes a thinking butler

      Austria: Salzburger Nachrichten 13 May 2011

      Many steps are necessary in order to achieve the change in energy policy that many are hoping for and GE considers itself to be the leader in this area.

      Top 20 Power projects

      UAE: Utilities ME 13 May 2011

      Located at Dhuruma, about 80km west of Riyadh in Riyadh central Province, this power plant is expected to produce 1,730 megawatts of electricity at what will be the Kingdom's largest combined-cycle gas -fired power station. GE will supply seven Frame 7FA gas turbines and two D11 steam turbines to the project, and in addition to providing the equipment.

      Eight scholarship holders from Hungary join GE Scholar-Leaders program

      Hungary: 12 May 2011

      Eight talented university students from Hungary ceremonially joined the regional network of GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders program winners. "We are very delighted to see additional students joining this program that has been run successfully for nine years. In addition to providing financial support to individual students, the GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders scholarship program promotes the cooperation of universities and global business communities while helping the creation of a Central and Eastern European network of young intellectuals" -said Leslaw Kuzaj.

      Great moments for Shareholders

      GERMANY: Focus Money 11 May 2011

      America has a new hero - Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman of GE, of all people.

      The business trail, a trip from heaven to the Earth's core

      Spain: El Mundo 11 May 2011

      Efficiency and clean energy are the two main themes of the Genera 2011 trade fair. Companies from the solar, biomass and cogeneration sectors explain in this piece why they attended the fair and talk about their latest innovations.

      Intelligence, R&D and efficiency

      Spain: El Mundo 11 May 2011

      Companies present their new products to measure pollution, produce clean energy and even allow for learning at schools at the Genera Show 2011.

      GE Aviation: H80 Development Will Bring New Opportunities

      Czech Republic: 06 MAY 2011

      An interview with Milan Slapak, Commercial Director, GE Aviation Czech, brings information about H80 engine development, manufacturing and business plans, as well as company's general business results and strategy for the following years.

      Welding revolution

      UK: MANUFACTURER 04 MAY 2011

      GE Global Research has recently announced new products it hopes will revolutionise the manufacture of products by increasing process efficiency.

      Oil extraction leads to gas reserve crisis

      ITALY: AFFARI & FINANZA (La Repubblica) 03 MAY 2011

      According to the GE report "Flare Gas Reduction: Recent Global Trends and Policy Considerations", companies are burning 150 bn cubic metres of it in the open air each year, five percent of world production, during oil drilling, causing serious damage to the environment.

      GE Healthcare to acquire cellular imaging Applied Precision,Inc

      UK: 02 MAY 2011

      GE Healthcare has announced that it will be acquiring the cellular imaging company Applied Precision. The deal, which will close during the second quarter of 2011, will allow the firm to take control of a business specializing in high-resolution and super-resolution microscopy instruments, which are used to monitor the behavior of cells.

      Looking for financing? Yes it's possible!

      France: Entreprendre 01 May 2011

      Patrice Coulon, General Deputy Manager of GE Capital France, comments on the benefits of factoring when compared to bank loans. He also announces the launch of, an online platform for French SME leaders to discover their financing options.

      Enhance the environmental performance of coal plants

      POLAND: Napedy i Sterowanie 01 May 2011

      "As concern about environmental impact increases globally, companies are turning to more efficient technologies such as GE's proven IGCC technology" - interview with Pierpalo Mazza, Regional General Manager for Power generation sales in CEE, Russia & CIS, GE Energy.

      Bumps in the road

      UK: Lighting May 2011

      Interview with Phil Marshall, Lighting EMEA CEO, in the UK based Lighting Magazine, about the future of the business.

      GE Capital: Increasing competitiveness through Factoring

      Germany: Moebel Kultur May 2011

      Moebel Kultur discusses the benefits for GE Capital's factoring business customers, particularly for SMEs. With flexible solutions, deep industry expertise and global reach, GE Capital is helping to fuel growth in Germany.

      Research Report: 'The strategic value of the Port of Rotterdam'

      NL: Rotterdam School of Management May 2011

      A first report was commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam Authority emphasising the "Smart Port" initiative, a knowledge and innovation alliance with GE.

      GE Foundation Opening Doors Program

      HUNGARY: KlubRadio 28 APRIL 2011

      Each week, KlubRádió presents examples of businesses, institutions and/or individuals that contribute in some way or other to remedying financial troubles and social problems, improving life quality and enabling sustainable development. This week's program focused on GE Foundation Opening Doors Secondary School Talent Development Program.

      The Hour of GE Boss Jeff Immelt

      GERMANY: Handelsblatt 27 April 2011

      The turbulent years have come to an end and GE's new strategy is working. This manager will be able to share good news at today's Annual General Meeting.

      Interview of Clara on French broadcast radio

      FRANCE: EUROPE 1 (radio) 27 April 2011

      Interview with President of GE France, Clara Gaymard, who highlights GE's activities in France, stressing that GE France remains a French "success story."

      Nuclear energy will continue to be present

      Spain: EurActiv 18 APRIL 2011

      Interview with Ricardo Cordoba, President of GE Energy for Europa and North Africa on the future of nuclear energy.

      GE Capital - Taking ABL Mainstream

      UK : Corporate INTL 01 April 2011

      Adam Johnson, Managing Director of Corporate Structured Finance at GE Capital in the UK, explains how, in a post-recessionary environment, corporates are re-assessing their capital structures and funding strategies. He comments on how GE Capital is taking asset based lending into the mainstream to replace and complement existing financing options in both the banking and capital markets.

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