GE Investor Contacts

GE Investor Contacts

In addition to the contacts below, you can send a message to GE's Investor Relations department using the Contact form to the right.


For All Investors

Elizabeth Y. Seibert

Shareowner Information
Corporate Investor Communications
+001 203 373 2816

JoAnna H. Morris

Corporate Investor Communications

Matthew G. Cribbins

Vice President
Investor Communications

For Fixed Income Investors

Lisa Capodici

Managing Director
Fixed Income Investor Relations
+001 203 357 4328

Brigid M. Tobin

Investor Relations
+001 203 357 4732

For Shareowner Account Matters

Computershare is GE's transfer agent and administers all matters related to stock that is directly registered with GE.


+001 800 786 2543