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An internship or co-op at GE enables you to interact with innovators in your field, benefit from leaders who will develop your potential with hands-on experience, and help shed light on your career options.

Internships & Co-ops

Find your place with us. The vast majority of our graduate hires into our prestigious leadership development programs were interns or co-ops with us first. Start building your career with us today.

Below, you will find information on internships that are specific to our leadership programs as well as to our businesses globally.

To learn more about GE’s University Recruiting across the globe, check our GE on Campus section on the right.

Program Internships

Several of our internships are offered across all of our businesses and allow you to apply to all at the same time.

Experienced Commercial Leadership Program (ECLP)- Internship
Financial Management Program (FMP)- Internship
Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP)- Internship
Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP)- Internship

University Recruiting

University recruiting events are your best opportunity for applying to GE at any education level. Learn more about your options and GE's priorities at these valuable events.

Australia & New Zealand
Latin America
Middle East, Turkey, North Africa
South-East Asia
United States

Business Internships

If you are looking for a co-op or internship for a specific business, GE has opportunities available around the globe.