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Experienced Program: Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP), United States

Leadership Programs


GE’s Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP) is well-equipped to develop and challenge you. The program is a combination of GE’s renowned leadership development, and our belief that people and HR is our competitive advantage.

Since 1953, HRLP has created countless generations of HR leaders at GE. The program continues today and still focuses on taking talented people, providing them with globally diverse challenging experiences, and developing them into world-class HR leaders.


GE is recognized as #1 for leadership development.* You will gain core HR competencies, global leadership skills and business acumen through comprehensive training by expert instructors and other HRLP members at 4 seminars (2 U.S.-based, 2 non-U.S.-based).


While working on strategic people issues, you will work alongside and gain exposure to GE executives and senior HR leaders. You will develop a strong professional network and gain important relationships that will help develop your career.


HR in GE has strong sponsorship of the chairman, and plays a strategic role in the Company. You will work from day one with real people and organizational issues that matter in a complex multi-industry, global company.

Program Summary

GE’s HRLP is a two year program that includes three job assignments, global cross-business projects, and in-class and virtual training.

Job Assignments

The program is divided into three eight-month rotations, with assignments in areas including: HR generalist, employee relations, or specialist roles such as compensation and benefits, staffing, or organizational design. You may choose to undertake a cross-functional assignment in an area such as finance or operations, or even choose to specialize in compensation, benefits and healthcare during your entire time on program.

Your experience will be unique and personalized based on personal, development and business needs.

During each rotation you will be working in a job focused on important business challenges that will make a difference. By placing you in a real job you will have responsibility immediately, empowering you to make a strategic impact on the people and organization side of GE.


GE is a recognized world-class leader in corporate and employee training multi-industry, global company. Therefore your development is a critical component of the HRLP program, with three key areas:

Core HR skills, including coaching, assessment skills, conducting investigations, and compensation.

Critical skills, including facilitation, change management, and presentation.

Training will occur frequently throughout your two years on program, but one of the cornerstones of the HRLP experience is the four global, week-long seminars. During the seminars you will work closely with your nearly 100 HRLP peers from around the world, in partnership with senior HR and business leaders, participating in formal learning, business simulations, and community service activities.

Other Development Activities

In addition to your rotations and formal training, you will participate in a business critical, cross-business project with a global HRLP team, join roundtables with senior HR leaders, have opportunities to serve as a mentor to future HRLPs, and take on leadership roles in initiatives impacting future HRLP generations.

International Assignments

Given the vast global presence of GE, demands of the business do provide opportunities for HRLPs to complete international rotations. In the last year, HRLPs completed international assignments in Brazil, China, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), the United States, and Vietnam.

After The Program

Just as the individual experiences of every HRLP on program will vary based on individual goals and aspirations, the roles that HRLPs take once they graduate are as equally varied. Whether the role is generalist or specialist, working in a manufacturing site or a corporate office, one thing is certain — through HRLP you will have built the skills required to take on a role with important responsibilities.

General Candidate Criteria

  • GE is an equal opportunity employer. Legal authorization to work in the country/region where the business is hiring is required. We will not sponsor individuals for employment visas, now or in the future, for this job.
  • MBA or Master’s degree in business or a human resources discipline (e.g. industrial & labor relations, industrial & organizational psychology, organizational behavior, etc.)
  • 2-5 years of business related work experience
  • GPA greater than or equal to 3.0/4.0
  • Geographically mobile

How to Apply

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