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University Students

With locations in over 170 countries, GE provides opportunities across a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, infrastructure, transportation, capital and more.

University Students

GE is the world’s leading infrastructure company with the restless, hungry spirit of a startup. The work you do here will enable you to make an impact in a company that creates the things that build, power, cure, and move our world to work better. Start building your career with us today.

Internships & Co-ops

Find your place with us. An internship or co-op at GE enables you to interact with innovators in your field, benefit from leaders who will develop your potential with hands-on experience, and help shed light on your career options. The vast majority of our graduate hires into our leadership development programs were interns or co-ops with us first.

Early Career Leadership Programs

Develop your leadership and technical skills through challenging assignments and world class training. Start building your career with us today.

Experienced Leadership Programs

At GE, your investment in education pays off. For those completing a masters and have work experience, we offer programs to accelerate your career. We’re committed to maximizing your leadership potential at every stage of your professional journey. You can work on extraordinary projects with exceptional people, working together to help solve some of the world's toughest problems.

Student Veterans

Your service made you a leader and a disciplined, strategic thinker with a level of loyalty that is unmatched. At GE, we recognize and value your strengths, which make us a great choice for your civilian career. If you’re a veteran and a university student, GE offers opportunities to help you build your future.