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With more than 300,000 employees and operations in over 140 countries, GE employees reflect both the local communities we serve and the people with whom we do business. We see diversity and inclusiveness as an essential part of our productivity, creativity, innovation and competitive advantage.


GE is committed to taking on the world’s toughest challenges. In order to fulfill that promise around big issues like clean energy and affordable healthcare, we rely on a culture of leadership and diversity to drive innovation and productivity. That’s why GE’s employee Affinity Networks are so critical. Our Affinity Networks are making remarkable contributions to our company, our customers and our communities. These successful efforts are being felt at the local, national and international levels.

The success of diversity at GE is a reflection of the integrity of our leadership and builds a strong foundation for future leaders to continue our tradition of inclusiveness. By bringing individuals, cultures and ideas together we create a stronger company and a better world.

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GE Ranks 8th in Diversity MBA Magazine’s Best Places for Women & Diverse Managers to Work
July 29, 2015

GE Ranks 8th in Diversity MBA Magazine’s Best Places for Women & Diverse Managers to Work

GE is No. 8 in Diversity MBA Magazine’s 2015 rankings for 50 Out Front Companies for Diversity Leadership: Best Places for Women & Diverse Managers to Work.GE is also recognized in our Top 10 Best in Class Category for: Recruitment, Succession Planning and Board Diversity. This is a significant recognition that showcases GE’s long-standing commitment to inclusive diversity as a corporate leader. Come join our team:

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