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Redefining how we transport and power the world: Join GE for an in-depth Battery Technology Symposium to explore how batteries are re-shaping the transportation and stationary power sectors.

GE Global Research Battery Technology Symposium

More than 150 high profile entrepreneurs, government leaders, GE employees and battery and energy experts gathered at GE Global Research's Niskayuna campus in October for a Symposium to explore the future of battery-based energy storage.

GE Global Research has long been interested in the world of electric vehicles. In the early 1900s, Charles Steinmetz, founder of GE's research lab and an early pioneer of the modern electrical grid, envisioned an infrastructure made up of plug-in charging stations to support all-electric cars. Although not feasible in his time, it was clear from the Symposium that Steinmetz's vision is alive and well today. With growth of renewable power and increasing demand for energy security, the importance of batteries in stationary power applications is rising as well. The future looks very bright.

The electric pioneers of today, like Sven Thesen of Better Place, see a bright future in electric transportation. Better Place is a California-based company working to set up an electric transportation system that would operate similar to a cell phone company, with subscribers purchasing a monthly plan of "miles". In addition, utilities are testing large format batteries for on-grid applications.

The Symposium raised and provided insight on key questions everyone seems to be asking. Can advancements in new battery technologies bring plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles mainstream? Will batteries help clear and accelerate the path to a more energy independent and greener grid?

To gain more perspective and insight, check out the presentation material to see what key experts and thought leaders are saying. Also, check back often for updates and new information on the latest developments and advancements in batteries. We want this website to be a destination and a resource for you to stay informed.

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