GE Advantage

Across GE, we pride ourselves on driving rigor, operational excellence, and enhanced customer value. That’s why we’re placing some big bets on nearly 40 high impact projects that will help increase our speed to market, improve the quality of our products and services, significantly reduce costs, and drive competitive advantage for our customer and our company. It’s called GE Advantage, and it is changing the way we do business.

What is GE Advantage?

GE Advantage is aimed at driving operational excellence across GE

GE Advantage is aimed at driving operational excellence across GE. With GE Advantage, customer value and GE's competitive edge will be significantly improved by leveraging GE's proven process improvement toolkit.

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New Product Introduction

NPI process improvements create market specific products

Our NPI process improvements are aimed at creating market specific products, reducing product development cycle time, improving the quality of our designs, and reducing development costs.

Aviation: World-Class Engineering

We’re leveraging rigorous design and validation processes and engineering productivity tools to increase NPI capacity and reduce development cost.

Appliances: Mission One

We’re redesigning product lines and factories using dedicated cross-functional teams focused on customer WOW features, high performance/energy efficiency, lower cost, and world class quality.

Digital Energy: Integrated Solutions

We’re developing integrated solutions and improving NPI execution from idea generation through product launch.

Power Island 50 (Energy)

We’re giving customers a Power Island solution with a combination of flexibility and efficiency unmatched in the industry. We’re also leveraging this platform for future products.

Lighting: LED Cycle Time

We’re increasing LED speed to market by cutting overall product development cycle time by more than 50%.

Commercial Excellence

We are letting our customers prioritize our efforts when it comes to improving our commercial processes. We’re using world class tools and driving visibility of data across the enterprise to speed up the process and help our customers compete and win.

Transportation: Differential Value Proposition (DVP)

We’re using the DVP process to better understand how we make money for our customers today, and identify specific GE Transportation initiatives that will make our customers more successful tomorrow.


We’re streamlining and improving the process of delivering service, which reduces the time our products spend in the shop. We’re also using Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics and data analytics to improve our customers’ uptime and availability.

Aviation: Predictable Performance

We’re increasing the predictability of Aviation Services results by improving data visibility, driving shop cost and time-on-wing predictability.

Oil & Gas: Execution

We’re optimizing the outage management process from planning to closure, which improves service speed and quality of execution.

Energy: Jenbacher Services

We’re improving the speed and quality of our response to customer’s parts and service needs.

Transportation: Unplanned Repair

We’re reducing the frequency and duration of unscheduled shop visits, which drives both customer and GE profitability.

Inquiry to Order and Order to Remittance

We’re working to improve our quoting and proposal processes, leaning out our supply chain processes, and creating more modular structured products which can be configured to meet various customer needs. All of this results in speed and quality for our customers

Intelligent Platforms: Inquiry to Order

We’re simplifying the selling/buying process and improving overall customer experience.

Oil & Gas: Turbomachinery

We’re transforming the business model from custom to configured products and streamlining the supply chain process.

Energy Aero: PowerXpand

We’re establishing a robust process enabling the delivery of quick, turnkey power generation solutions which meet our customers’ needs for fast power.

Aviation Systems: Repair TAT

We’re improving customer satisfaction and loyalty by significantly improving repair responsiveness and on-time delivery for all product lines.

GE Capital Deal Conversion

We’re working to simplify and standardize the origination processes, driving new account acquisitions, and improving our tenants’ experience.

Franchise, Corporate, and Equipment Finance

We’re streamlining the origination process, creating competitive advantage to fuel growth.

Retail Card Finance

We’re improving the wing-to-wing new account acquisition process to accelerate growth through standardized practices across industries and retailers.

Real Estate Lease Renewal

We’re employing a tenant-centric approach to improve retention and occupancy by leveraging global process, leasing, and commercial marketing best practices.