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“We have positioned the company to capitalize on some of the biggest external themes of the day, like emerging-market growth, affordable healthcare and clean energy. Internally, we treat “growth as a process” by focusing on innovation, customer needs, services and best-practice integration. We are executing six growth imperatives to drive GE's continued success.” – Jeffrey R. Immelt

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Launch Solve Create Expand Lead Grow
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Technical leadership requires sustained investment, great talent and a focus on risk-taking and innovation—traditional competitive advantages for GE. With nearly 40,000 talented engineers and scientists, four Global Research Centers and a fifth on the way, and about 6% of Infrastructure revenues spent on investment in innovation, GE has a broader and deeper pipeline of new products than ever before. And with U.S. patent filings up 14% and issuances up 21% last year, it’s clear GE is investing—and innovating—for future growth.

Grow Services and Software flag

It starts with Service Delivery and Customer Productivity

Serving more than 20 industries—including energy, water, oil & gas, transportation, food & beverage and manufacturing—GE service and software capabilities improve real-time decision-making, enable more efficient operations, drive innovation and ensure quality and regulatory compliance for customers around the world. GE’s unique domain expertise, expansive installed base and world-class operational acumen enable our customers to turn data into actionable intelligence for mission-critical needs.

Lead in Growth Markets flag

It Starts with Being Positioned to Lead

GE’s breadth of operations, globally recognized brand and “recentralized” organizational structure are helping it succeed in markets around the world. In resource-rich regions like Russia, the Middle East and Latin America, and in emerging Asian countries like China and India—where growth is double that of the developed world—GE has set a strategic course. We’ve localized research, technology, talent and operations to “go where the growth is.”

Expand From The Core flag

It starts with growth from the core

The plan is simple: diversify in markets GE knows well—make multiple, scalable bets with disciplined organic and inorganic investments, and utilize our global sales, distribution and research capabilities to grow brand new billion-dollar businesses. Over the past decade, GE has grown its renewable energy, oil & gas, water treatment and life sciences businesses from having virtually no presence to generating $20 billion a year. We’re aiming to grow another 20 projects in this way and keep GE’s return on total capital in the top quartile of our peers.

Create Value In Specialty Finance flag

It Starts With Specialty Financing

Linking GE’s industrial and financial businesses enables us to employ our extensive industry expertise to address customer needs. We can be an essential partner for our customers—many of whom are small- and medium-size businesses—offering them not only the best products and services, but also access to capital, a deep understanding of their sectors and operating insight that other financial services firms can’t match. For our shareowners, GE Capital is a valuable franchise providing good earnings and cash flow to fuel investment in companywide growth.

Solve Problems For Customers And society flag

It starts with Big Solutions

Cleaner energy. More affordable healthcare. Access to smarter capital. We take on some of the world’s most pressing needs with solutions that deliver human progress, as well as sustainable growth for GE and our shareowners. This is the powerful premise behind our ecomagination and healthymagination strategies. They bring together imagination, investment, and technology to enable GE and our customers to generate revenue, while reducing emissions and providing healthcare to more people.

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