Notice of 2007 Annual Meeting of Shareowners

10:00 a.m., April 25, 2007
Carolina First Center (formerly Palmetto Expo Center)
One Exposition Avenue
Greenville, South Carolina 29607

February 28, 2007

To the Shareowners:

General Electric Company’s 2007 Annual Meeting of Shareowners will be held at the Carolina First Center (formerly Palmetto Expo Center), One Exposition Avenue, Greenville, South Carolina 29607, on April 25, 2007, at 10:00 a.m., to address all matters that may properly come before the meeting. Following a report on GE’s business operations, shareowners will vote on:

(a) election of directors for the ensuing year;
(b) ratification of the selection of the independent auditor for 2007;
(c) approval of an amendment to the company’s certificate of incorporation adopting majority voting in non-contested director elections;
(d) approval of the GE 2007 Long-Term Incentive Plan;
(e) approval of material terms of senior officers’ performance goals to qualify as performance-based compensation; and
(f) nine shareowner proposals set forth at pages 44 through 51 in the accompanying proxy statement.

Shareowners of record at the close of business on February 26, 2007, will be entitled to vote at the meeting and any adjournments.

Brackett B. Denniston III

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