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GE 2000 Annual Report
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Mortgage Insurance Web site

GE Capital Mortgage Insurance
Thomas H. Mann
Unpacking after a move

GE Mortgage Insurance works hand-in-hand with community groups across America to make sure that housing opportunities exist for all buyers.
GE Mortgage Insurance had another terrific year in 2000, again delivering record earnings while helping make the dream of home ownership a reality for nearly a quarter-million families.

That success resulted from a clear focus on our customers—America's mortgage lenders—and an uncompromising commitment to helping them increase business and slash costs. Our innovative products make it possible for them to offer low-down-payment loans to a growing number of first-time homebuyers by insuring lenders against loss if a borrower stops making mortgage payments.

To create a simpler, faster process for our customers, we've digitized our business using Six Sigma tools and Internet technology. Our new Web site,, is designed to enhance lender speed and productivity. We now can review applications from lender customers and offer insurance online in less than five minutes, a dramatic savings compared with processing times of two hours or more using conventional methods.

Our customers understand what GE's online offerings mean for their bottom line, and they are increasingly choosing our e-Business solutions for their mortgage insurance needs. Fully one half of our orders now are handled electronically, and the number of Internet applications continues to grow rapidly.

We see the trend continuing, and we'll double our e-Lending product offerings during 2001. That will help us strengthen our existing partnerships and forge new ones, both in the United States and abroad. Using our e-Business leadership, we'll maximize the value of our business as we provide all the benefits of GE for people who don't want to wait to own a home.

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