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GE has been operating in Angola since 1967. Today, GE employs more than 440 people in businesses spanning across key sectors including oil and gas, power and water, and rail transportation.

GE has been collaborating with the Angolan government and other players in the private sector to help the country achieve its Vision 2020 goals. This collaboration has helped Angola explore a variety of opportunities, from new ways to generate power to modernizing the transportation sector.


Oil & Gas

GE supplies Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) turbo compression technology to Angola’s Soyo LNG Facility, and partnered with Angolan Group GLS Holdings to form GE-GLS Oil & Gas Angola Limited to better support the country’s rapidly growing oil and gas sector. GE-GLS Oil & Gas Angola Limited will invest $175 million to build a new manufacturing facility in Soyo province in Zaire, which will supply sub-sea equipment to the oil and gas industry in Angola, in addition to creating jobs for 175 new direct hires and approximately 2000 indirect hires. GE Oil & Gas recently signed an agreement with Africare to collaborate to improve the Soyo Vocational Training Center. This provided vital educational tools, including computers, printers and materials for practical training in electricity and welding courses.


GE signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Angolan government to refurbish the current rolling stock of locomotives and supply an additional 100 new locomotives to Angola. GE also completed facility audits and feasibility testing for a locomotive service plant in Lobito, Angola for new locomotives and modernization services.

Power Generation

GE and the Angola Ministry of Energy and Water signed a Memorandum of Understanding to achieve the country’s 2000 MW of electric power generation capacity target by 2016. In addition, GE helped complete installations at three power plants in the country.


GE provides thought leadership and implementation for public infrastructure modernization, and also launched a $10 million maternal newborn intervention in partnership with USAID and MOH.



GE is committed to the sustainable development of Angola’s future through GE Kujenga, our sustainability program in Africa. The word kujenga means “build” in Swahili. Our approach is to empower people by building valuable skills, equip communities with new tools and technology, and elevate ideas that are helping to solve Africa’s challenges. Learn more

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