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Global R&D Fact Sheet

GE Global Research

GE Global Research is one of the world's largest and most diversified industrial research organizations, providing innovative technology for all of GE's business. Global Research has been the cornerstone of GE technology for more than 100 years, and is now focused on developing breakthrough innovations in areas such as molecular imaging and diagnostics, energy conversion, nanotechnology, advanced propulsion and security technologies. GE Global Research is headquartered in Niskayuna, NY, and has facilities in Bangalore, India, Shanghai, China, and Munich, Germany.

For any industrial lab, technical diversity is key. GE's diverse set of four businesses naturally creates the most diverse industrial lab in the world. From aircraft engines to power generation to our financial businesses and even our television network and movie studios, GE Global Research can leverage technology across industries and across scientific disciplines. Our strength lies in our robust set of core technologies and how we apply our breakthroughs to our businesses. We live by the mantra: "What we can imagine, we can make happen."



  • Niskayuna, New York (550-acre site)

Global Locations

  • Bangalore, India (John F. Welch Technology Centre)
  • Shanghai, China (China Technology Center)
  • Munich, Germany (GE Global Research - Europe)

At a Glance


Worldwide: more than 2,800 (more than 1,000 PhDs)

R&D Budget

GE Total 2008: $4.3 billion
GRC Total 2008: $555 million

US Patents

2008 GE Total: 2,537
2008 GE Global Research Total: 560


GRC is the growth engine for GE. We strive to drive new technology breakthroughs, introduce this technology into the product pipeline and leverage it to fuel growth for GE's businesses.


The blog of GE Global Research, Edison's Desk, is a unique forum for technology enthusiasts around the globe to discuss the future of technology with top researchers from one of the world's largest and most diverse industrial research labs.

Executive Officers

Mark Little

Senior Vice President
GE Global Research

Synergy Projects

GE researchers are leveraging decades of knowledge in medical imaging to develop next generation baggage screening systems for security.

Aerodynamics and carbon composites technologies from aviation are being applied to find new solutions to scale up wind power.

In healthcare, GE is drawing expertise in our biology labs to help take GE's imaging and diagnostics systems into the age of molecular medicine.


  • Energy
  • Sensors
  • Materials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Computing & Decisioning Systems
  • Water
  • Flight
  • Rail
  • Lighting
  • Healthcare
  • Security
  • Appliances

Media Contacts

Communications Program Manager
Todd Alhart
Email Todd

At GE, research and development has been the cornerstone of innovation for over a century. Today, GE has approximately 36,000 technicians working across our business and global research centers at the intersection of technology and industry to solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

Global R&D Facilities

  • Global Research Headquarters, New York

    On the banks of the Mohawk River in Niskayuna, NY, the Global Research Center has been the world headquarters for GE technology development for more than 100 years.

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  • Brazil Global Research Center, Rio de Janeiro

    Brazil is home to GE’s newest multidisciplinary Research and Development Center, employing researchers and engineers who are solving the toughest challenges for GE’s customers in Brazil and South America. When fully operational, the Center will employ 400 GE technologists.

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  • Global Research – Europe, Munich

    Located in Germany on the campus of the Technical University of Munich, Global Research – Europe hosts cutting-edge industrial labs that focus on creating the newest breakthroughs and long-range technologies for all of GE’s markets.

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  • John F. Welch Technology Centre, Bangalore

    GE's first and largest global lab outside the United States is located in Bangalore, India. The John F. Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC) houses close to 3,000 GE technologists from Global Research and other GE businesses.

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  • China Technology Center, Shanghai

    Located in Shanghai, China, the GE China Technology Center conducts leading-edge research, engineering development, and sourcing for GE’s diverse businesses across the world.

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