Victor Abate

SVP & Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for 50,000 engineers and scientists and GE’s network of Global Research Centers which makeup one of the world’s largest and most diversified industrial research and technology organizations.

Jeffrey S. Bornstein

Vice Chair & Chief Financial Officer

Vice Chair and GE's Chief Financial Officer

Philippe Cochet

SVP & Chief Productivity Officer

GE’s Chief Productivity Officer working with the company’s industrial businesses to establish and deliver the best practices in operations, manufacturing, services, cost competitiveness and customer focus.

Beth Comstock

Vice Chair, GE

Leads GE’s growth and market-innovation initiatives, as well as the sales, marketing and communications function.

Matthew G. Cribbins

VP, Investor Communications

Manages GE’s relationships with its various investor constituencies.

Alex Dimitrief

SVP & General Counsel

Senior Vice President and General Counsel for GE

Shane Fitzsimons

Senior Vice President, Global Projects

Delivering better outcomes at lower cost.

Jan R. Hauser

VP, Controller & Chief Accounting Officer

Leads a global distributed GE controllership team.

Mark Hutchinson

President & CEO, GE Europe

Responsible for managing GE's European activities and leading the efforts to strengthen GE's operations across Europe, as well as Integration Leader for the Alstom transaction, GE’s largest-ever industrial acquisition.

Jeffrey R. Immelt

Chairman and CEO

The ninth chairman of GE, a post he has held since September 7, 2001.

Jay Ireland

President & CEO, GE Africa

Leads growth “through a wide range of solutions that will support [GE] Africa's rapid infrastructure transformation across sub-Saharan Africa."

Daniel Janki

SVP, GE Treasurer & Global Operations

Leads GE’s treasury and shared services; working with every GE business to make the company simpler, better and more customer-focused.

Puneet Mahajan

VP, Financial Planning & Analysis

Vice President of Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis since January, 2014

Jamey Mock

VP, Audit Staff

Responsible for providing independent, objective assurance on the financial integrity of the company.

Susan P. Peters

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Leads human resources, responsible for GE's 300,000 employees worldwide.

John G. Rice

Vice Chair, GE

Vice Chairman of GE; leads the company's global operations.