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Business Executives

Charles (Chip) Blankenship

President & CEO
GE Appliances & Lighting

Leads the forefront of building innovative, energy-efficient appliances that improve people's lives.

Steve Bolze

SVP and President & CEO
GE Power

Responsible for the world-leading provider of traditional and renewable power generation technology.

Lynn Calpeter

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
GE Power

Leads all financial operations for GE Power, serving global energy needs with modern technologies.

John L. Flannery

President and CEO
GE Healthcare

Responsible for the global leader in medical diagnostic technology and biosciences.

Tom Gentile

President & Chief Operating Officer
GE Capital

Leads the operations of one of the world’s largest and most profitable finance organizations.

Dan Henson

Executive Vice President
GE Capital

Leads GE Capital, Americas, providing financing for a vast array of products and services in over 40 industries.

David L. Joyce

SVP and President & CEO
GE Aviation

Leads GE Aviation, appointed to his current role in 2008 having been with GE since 1980.

Margaret M. Keane

CEO and President / Synchrony Financial

Responsible for providing private label credit card programs, bankcards, installment lending, promotional financing and financial services for consumers.

Richard A. Laxer

President & CEO
GE Capital, International

Responsible for financial operations in 27 countries with 22,000 employees and close to $117 billion in assets.

Paul A. McElhinney

President and CEO, Power Services
GE Power

Responsible for a global services strategy that offers electric utility and industrial customers the technology, knowledge and insight they need.

Jamie S. Miller

Senior Vice President of GE and President and Chief Executive Officer of
GE Transportation

Leads GE's rail, mining and marine industries with annual revenues of $5.7 billion.

Jérôme Pécresse

President & CEO
GE Renewable Energy

Leads GE Renewable Energy, which has the broadest renewable energy portfolio in the industry.

William Ruh

Chief Digital Officer
Chief Executive Officer, GE Digital

Leads GE’s digital software solutions and services, as well as global IT, and is responsible for GE’s Digital Thread initiatives.

Lorenzo Simonelli

President & CEO
GE Oil & Gas

Leads GE Oil & Gas, an advanced technology equipment and services company.

Richard L. Stanley

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
GE Power

Leads all GE Power technical efforts including research, development, technology, and product design.

Dmitri Stockton

Chairman, President & CEO, GE Asset Management
Senior Vice President, GE Company

Leads GE Asset Management, a leading global asset manager investing on behalf of a wide range of clients from around the world.

Russell Stokes

Senior Vice President, GE
President & CEO, GE Energy Management

Leads the development of advanced technology solutions that help solve global energy challenges.

Maryrose Sylvester

President and CEO, Lighting

Serves as President & Chief Executive Officer of GE Lighting, headquartered at historic Nela Park in East Cleveland, Ohio.